Hip-Hop Artist Cort Knoxx is Back With "Modern Day Slavery"

Cort Knoxx is from Daly City, CA, where he presents a familiar rap style to his listening base. Although the soundings of Cort Knoxx bring back a sense of familiarity, there are elements to his music that feature heavier and more prolific vocalism. Cort Knoxx has successfully been releasing albums since 1998, which explains to us the quality of sound he's able to lead with. His most recent album was released, titled "Death To My Adversaries", maintains the effortless proficiency Cort Knoxx possesses during the entirety of his tracks.

"Modern Day Slavery" was a recent track we've received from Cort Knoxx. Old school R&B/Hip-Hop listeners are in for a real treat with the soundings of Cort Knoxx. His release of "Modern Day Slavery" proved and solidified his artistic skills to us, as he shows his abilities to bring back the best 90's features, all the way from production to the intricate way he flows along with the execution of lyricism. "Modern Day Slavery" brings that all back without fabrication. It's easy to tell that Cort Knoxx is the real deal, and so it only makes sense that he continuously releases authentic tracks for listeners. We must say, we're ultimately impressed with this track, and mainly because of the expertise and musical knowledge it takes to pull off a track like this. We're staying in check with what Cort Knoxx is up to next because we know it can only be big things from here.

Check out "Modern Day Slavery" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cort Knoxx! Talk to us a little bit about your stage name! What’s the story behind “Cort Knoxx”?

Well..... I started off using the name CSicc(Cee Sick) and had a good run as an artist with that stage name. Over time I matured as an artist and my music, life and character changed, so in 2007 I thought to rebrand myself. I was watching discovery channel and they had a special on Fort Knoxx and it’s importance. Right then a light bulb came on in my head and I thought “My name is Cortney” so I can turn Fort into Cort and add the Knoxx, and there it happened! We really enjoyed your single “Modern Day Slavery”. How would you describe your creative process behind this song?

Thank You! I am very concerned about our youth and their direction, social media and the appetite for success and fame they don’t realize how we look as a people and as a collective. There is a certain integrity that we are loosing and myself Sean T and Kokane felt we needed to address the topic and be as raw as we can to get our message out because we care!

What inspired you to write "Modern Day Slavery"? 

To uplift and try to change the course of a habit type behavior. We must empower our youth and lead them in a direction of longevity of life and meaningful upward movement and progression. Some of your musical influences are big names in hip hop. How have artists like Run DMC and LL Cool J helped to shape who you are as an artist?

They helped shape me because I understand what the foundation is, as a kid I grew up with hip hop, we’re family, so over time I have matured and been molded to be an advocate for the culture, the music and the lifestyle as a whole, wholeheartedly.  You have a new album coming in late 2020 titled 'Death To My Adversaries'. What can we expect from this album? 

Expect nothing but Grammy type content, I plan to dig deep in my creativity and bring to fruition a collection that will be revered and preserved as a great collection to get people through their times in life good bad and ugly.