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Hit the Beach with Coolmowee's Exciting Music Video, "Single All Summer"

The Calgary-based electro-pop artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Coolmowee gets us in the summer spirit with a thrilling music video for his exhilarating single, "Single All Summer."

Reworking and expanding his sound since the 80s, Coolmowee now resides under the exciting sounds of vintage synth-pop and modern electronic. Having lived and toured in places like Beijing, Indonesia, Oslo, Thailand, and more, Coolmowee has recently relocated to his home country Canada, focusing on sharing music from his extensive unreleased catalog.

Highlighting his exciting music video for the 2020 smash single, "Single All Summer," Coolmowee blasts through our speakers with his stimulating high-tempo production while leaving listeners ready to bask in the summer heat. The music video takes on a similar venture, as the featured artist/singer-songwriter Maria travels through various picturesque scenes that capture all of summer's glory.

Diving into the music video for "Single All Summer," the journey begins with Maria waking up and getting ready to seize the summer day. While Coolmowee's production pierces our speakers with his lively tones, synths, and drums, Maria brings us deeper into the song's concept through lyrics that touch on a spring-fling that went astray and how she's more than ready to be "Single All Summer."

Viewers can catch Maria and her friends taking in all of life's gifts and pleasures, from hopping on the back of someone's motorcycle to fireworks at the beach. Also featuring scenes of Maria's male counterpart, he sinks into a deep state of reflection while the girls are outliving their lives without a care in the world.

Find Coolmowee's exciting music video for his energetic release, "Single All Summer," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Coolmowee. We love the picturesque summer scenes within your exciting music video for "Single All Summer." What inspired the music video's concept and scenes?

I was entering University in 1985, and looking back, it was a great time to experience music. Billy Idol was one of the MANY favorite artists I have cassettes from and his song “All Summer Single” was in my head when “SINGLE ALL SUMMER” came to fruition. The song and video were complete before the pandemic, so it was meant to show a great summer 2020 for everyone, and how to be fun and free, and experience the character-building relationships that help define our adulthood.

What was it like working with Nicole Carino for your song and music video "Single All Summer?" What was your collaborative experience like?

Nicole is SUCH an amazing singer and collaborator. She is such a perfectionist while at the same time, she is patient with the changes I needed. I remember asking her to add the Single All Summer, Single All Summer chant a bit late in the process and she was “No problem”. I first collaborated with her on “Vintage 201984”.

What did you want your viewers to feel after watching your music video for "Single All Summer?" Did you want the video to trigger any memories or sensations?

Well – hopefully, to show a great summer experience for 2021…since 2020 was canceled/postponed… It should trigger how fun life can be – and the tougher times in relationships – but to show how strong we all must be to thrive in the world.

Since you released your music video for "Single All Summer" last July, how has your audience received the video? Has it done as well as you hoped?

This is a tough one since it was released in July 2020, in a very careful time in the world. In hindsight, maybe should have waited until now. But that’s why I am asking for more attention to it – and hopefully, more will like the song.

What's next for you?

I will continue to release danceable EDM/POP 80’s inspired singles in 2021, as I recently did in May with a dance instrumental called “My Design is the Bassline”. I will be singing on the next two songs – building on my experience from “Back in My Arms Again”. I have my most exciting song yet on the way……(been working on it for quite some time) and hope it’s my best received ever… let's see.


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