Hollow Visions’ Music Video “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)” Brings a Charismatic Performance

From Whittier, CA, rapper Hollow Visions brings the heat with his latest music video to his single “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)”. Being a part of the East of the River collective in Boyle Heights with other artists. Hollow Visions finds unpredictable and exciting new ways to portray the Chicano lifestyle in modern and trendy Los Angeles. With his recent hit “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)”, the music video takes us on a ride through the city, while giving us energy through both Hollow Visions and Sertified’s performance. Rapping with precision and power, they’ve both created something to get down to in the wee hours of the night.

As the instrumentals for “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)” opening fairly mellow with chiming keys, the music video brings an ambient atmosphere from the jump through different shots of the city, graffiti, and red/green-lit rooms. As Hollow Visions lights up a torch on the beat right before his verse, it brightens his face as he starts rapping with force and precision. While serving us verses that bop our heads and tap our feet, we can’t help but dance with Hollow Visions and Sertified and their positive energy. As Sertified begins rapping his verse, he rides the beat perfectly and finds new ways to captivate listeners through ambient lo-fi rap. While riding around the city and rapping in underground garages, Hollow Visions purely portrays his vision of striving for greatness while remaining authentic.

Be sure to listen to “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)” here.

Hey Hollow Visions, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the atmosphere you’ve set with your recent music video “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)”. How did you go about portraying this atmosphere within each scene?

Well luckily enough I had a director ( Ulrik Engesmo) who was able to bring the song to life, and also the location scout ( Eric Hernandez) who was able to find the beautiful set which really brought the visual together. As an artist sometimes it’s hard to create a visual representation of your work that can appeal to larger audience, it’s good to have someOne else interpret It.

Within your music video for “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)”, Hollow Visions and Sertified bring a charismatic and chill performance with each bar you guys spit. How did the both of you want to be portrayed within the music video, and what vibe did you want to get across with your performance?

I wanted this to be a feel-good track, something you could bob your head to. I wanted my voice, my look, and vibe to be soothing relaxing and at the same time have the lyrics pump you up and wanna party. I wanted this track to remind people of Los Angeles.

Speaking on the track in general “BaseHit (feat. Sertified)”, could Hollow Visions elaborate on the song's message, and where you found inspiration to write such an intriguing hip-hop piece?

At the time I was feeling a little looked over, like I wasn’t getting the recognition I’d worked for. I wanted this song to be a statement, that I could make a banger that lyricist could appreciate with a mainstream feel. I wanted to flex on my peers and doubters.

We’ve heard that Hollow Visions has released 4 projects and a variety of singles. Have you personally sensed much change within your sound since your first releases?

Huge differences!! My overall structure has come along way. I’m on longer trying to be a certain artist, I’ve become my own sound and style, I found my comfort. I think that’s one of the biggest obstacles artists face at the beginning, finding your sound.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m planning a releasing way more visuals in 2020 and a slew of singles. I wanna flood the scene with “Hollow Visions”, I’m gonna make myself hard to ignore.