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Honesty Is So Cekure’s Policy, In His Latest Love-Inspired Track


f you're in dire need of a heart-tugging song that will tap into a variety of your sensations, then Hip/Hop artist So Cekure is most definitely the artist to check out.

So Cekure uses his Maryland influences to create remarkably bold and catchy tracks. The latest song that he added to his track record was titled "No One Else," and with the song came a certain kind of courageousness.

The courage majorly comes from his willingness to share his honest experiences and truths with his audience, even if it takes a certain level of vulnerability. So Cekure has shared that songwriting is therapeutic for him, majorly because it helps him to articulate his thoughts and feelings. Every lyric comes from a place of heart and genuine expression.

Combining those characteristically catchy beats with hooking lyricism, So Cekure knows what it takes to craft a song that can appeal to the masses. He admits in his BuzzMusic interview that although the song was released to all of his listeners, he "wanted this song to resonate the most with the woman [he] wrote it for."

So Cekure will never stop pulling on our heartstrings, and we're curious to see what kind of narrative he'll be sharing with listeners next.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on So Cekure here.



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