Hop in the Car, Roll Down the Windows and Turn up the Latest Release "Drive Fast" by Sarah Morey

Sarah Morey is a Nashville based Country artist who creates honest music that you will be able to connect with. Since her early start as a songwriter, Sarah has performed at multiple music festivals, attended the Grammy Camp Nashville, became the Hard rock Cafe Ambassador, appeared as a musical guest on Today In Nashville and much much more.

Sarah Morey recently released her single "Drive Fast" along with a video off of her recent EP 'A Long Way to Go' and we are loving it. This release features high energy classic and modern drums, an ever smooth bass line, twinkly guitars with some ethereal reversed effects, and Sarah's iconic vocal performance that carries the song through. This record does not hold back for a moment in the excitement and Sarah's capabilities; whether that will be Sarah's melodic storytelling songwriting, or the evolving guitar effects, or the dynamic exploding drums, this song has something that you will be able to hold on to. The video of "Drive Fast" has a not so subtle comedic approach that will give you a good laugh, the caring for a toy drivable car as if that was the Corvette she was singing about in the song, it's a nice touch. The video shows off Sarah having a good time either hanging out with friends or driving around the toy corvette. This is a release that you would regret missing out on.

Listen to "Drive Fast" here.

Hey Sarah Morey! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are absolutely loving your release "Drive Fast"! What was the songwriting and production process for this one like?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, I'm so excited to be working with you guys and glad to hear you're enjoying my music! "Drive Fast" was a blast to write and record. It was actually the first song I wrote for my new EP "A Long Way To Go" and it was the first song that we went into the studio to record for the project. So, naturally, it was the first single to be released off the project! This song was a solo write that I finished right before moving to Nashville about two years ago. At that time in my life, I was between high school and college. I knew that I would be moving away from my hometown (Tampa, FL) for the first time to pursue music and attend college at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. That transitional period was such a nostalgic time for me and I was constantly reminded of all the good times I had during my childhood in Tampa. One of the fondest memories I had was learning to drive and finally having that freedom, but still working around limitations like having a curfew. So, I wrote "Drive Fast" as a way for me to reminisce about that time in my life. The summer after my first year of college was when my producer, Kevin Monahan, and I first started working on the "A Long Way To Go" EP. Kevin laid down the awesome track for this song and I went in to cut the vocals. We had so much fun coming up with the harmony parts!

This record definitely has that classic country sound to it. How was this achieved? What was the recording process like for it?

Thank you, that means so much to me! Country music has always been at the core of what I do. Even though I grew up in a city, my mom's side of the family is very much "country" and country radio was always playing when I was growing up. The first concert I ever went to was a Miranda Lambert concert when I was about nine years old and she has been a huge influence of mine ever since. I would say one of the main reasons for the "classic country" sound on the EP is that the songs themselves were heavily influenced by that style of music. Also, Kevin Monahan (my producer) is really involved in the country music scene. He plays guitar for country acts including Anna Vaus and Hannah Ellis, among others. He has opened for Willie Nelson and performed on The Grand Ole Opry. So, between Kevin and I, there was a fair amount of country influence on the project. The recording process for it was incredible! Working with Kevin was a dream and he always exceeded my expectations when creating the tracks for the songs. Kevin recorded most of the instruments himself, but I also brought in a few friends to feature on some of the songs. Rocco Fiorentino recorded keyboard on "Joshua" and "Whiplash", Josh Alfano recorded the lead electric guitar solo on "Whiplash", Kamryn Palmer recorded background vocals on "Whiplash", and Terry Bartlett recorded harmonica on "Real Cowboy". It was an amazing experience getting to collaborate with so many talented people during the recording process of this EP!

The video for "Drive Fast" is a ton of fun to watch! What was the inspiration for the video concept? What was the video shoot process like?

Thank you so much! It was an absolute blast making the "Drive Fast" music video. I knew I wanted a music video for "Drive Fast" because it was the first single off the "A Long Way To Go" EP. I also knew that I wanted my friends to be in the video with me because the song has such a fun, feel-good vibe to it. I was so lucky to work with Brave Enough Productions in Nashville, TN on the making of this music video. During my first meeting with Mark from Brave Enough Productions, we discussed my idea of potentially filming at a go-kart track and he loved the idea! We also discussed the idea of having a red Corvette in the video because of the line in the chorus that says, "Drive fast like a red Corvette." We knew we needed one in the video, but the question was how to logistically make that happen. Neither of us had direct access to one and renting one would have significantly increased the budget. I was talking to my mom about it and she suggested to look into buying a kid-sized electric red Corvette as a joke. I took this idea as more of a serious suggestion than a joke. I ran the idea by Mark and he ended up loving it even more than the idea of having a real Corvette. My mom and I found a mini electric red Corvette for sale and that's what you see in the video! The day of the video shoot was the most fun I've ever had while filming. It was a blast getting to drive go-karts and ride around on a kid-sized Corvette, but having all of my friends there was really what made it so fun. Also, the team at Brave Enough Productions was an absolute dream to work with and they put so much hard work and creativity into making this video a reality.

You have had an exciting career so far! How would you say you have grown as an artist since you started? Do you have any new goals for anything you would like to achieve?

I started pursuing music when I was only seven years old and it has been an exciting journey! No one in my direct family is in the entertainment industry, so when I started writing songs in elementary school it kind of came out of the blue. I was simply obsessed with Hannah Montana and very curious about the music I heard on the radio. Back then, I wrote all of my songs acapella and I didn't have too much guidance on it outside of the constant support and encouragement from my parents. The first information I ever learned about the music industry was through a school project I did on Taylor Swift in fifth grade. That was my first look into music executives, record labels, and all things Nashville. It made my eyes sparkle and that was when I decided I wanted to move to Nashville to pursue music. I began learning guitar and attending a performing arts school around that time, as well. My guitar teacher, Dr. Jon Bassett, as well as my teachers at school highly encouraged my songwriting. They gave me as many tools as they could to help me grow in my craft and I am so thankful for all of them. In high school, I was selected to attend Grammy Camp Nashville 2015 which was a huge eye-opener for me and allowed me to meet so many incredible people in the music industry. After getting back to Tampa, I started gigging professionally and releasing music. I did everything I could to prepare for the move to Nashville. Now that I am living in Nashville and attending Belmont University as a Songwriting major, I continue to grow every day thanks to my incredible professors, co-writers, friends, and mentors. I feel an incredible sense of community and encouragement in Nashville which I am so grateful for. Currently, my goals include continuing to grow as a writer, perform more with my band, and continue to release the music I love!