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Michael J. Babb Gets A Head Start On Summer In New Release, "Catfish Belly Saloon"

Oklahoma-native singer-songwriter and country recording artist Michael J. Babb hits the speakers with a new feel-good, foot-stompin' single, "Catfish Belly Saloon."

With tunes cutting the Top 40 on Country and Western charts in Norway and France, not to mention radio airplay across the globe, Michael J. Babb draws inspiration from classics like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and even newer influences like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Lewis Capaldi. 

Turning heads with his recent single, Michael J. Babb's "Catfish Belly Saloon" is the ultimate anthem to kick off summer 2024. As we embrace spring, this new track is an homage to fun fishing stories and clinking a glass with a few buddies at the saloon. But remember, "noodling for catfish is an adventure that's not for everyone," Michael says.

Diving deeper into "Catfish Belly Saloon," this lively country banger wastes no time jumping through our speakers with powerful, heavy country instrumentals and a mid-tempo rhythm that leaves us locked in for the ride. As Michael J. Babb reminisces on the good times catching catfish and the thrill of it all, he takes us over to the infectious hook and embraces the camaraderie of sharing a drink with friends.

This song is the epitome of feel-good summer vibes. Michael J. Babb perfectly describes those thrilling moments in the lagoon and cooling off in the belly of a catfish they turned into a saloon. His storytelling is top-tier, and this track is an uplifting reminder that life's best moments often come from the simplest things.

Hit play on your new summer anthem with Michael J. Babb's latest single, "Catfish Belly Saloon," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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