Hop on Board T.M.'s "Bentley Spaceships" Featuring RiFF RAFF For a Luxurious Ride

With a collab like RiFF RAFF, the white Gucci Mane with a spray tan, and a trap-house sonic platform for his own unreserved aplomb to flourish unspotted from, how could T.M.'s "Bentley Spaceships" not be captivating, far-fetched, and excessive all at the same time.

It's a stratagem towards making the types of salubrious rap that's been utilized since the genre's inception, but when the "one-liner" rapper prophet himself and T.M. are involved, it's an experience you won't want to miss out on. 

On "Bentley Spaceships" (produced by BG3NIUS), T.M. established the perfect platform for his cantankerous approach of propelling his word-play over trap-house beats that chaperone his loud-approaching cadence with an unfiltered "wall of sound" dynamic.

RiFF RAff gets the hook here, swelling over his "came from the bottom, no we here" mentality, before T.M. drives in with a zealous quatrain, buckled into his blacked-out supercar, and shooting a trove of one-shot sequences, all of which outline every compact synopsis why Gary Fuss—the mastermind behind T.M.—is the smoking-hot Hip-hop icon of the modern era.

Give the man a trap-house-festooned sonic highway like "Bentley Spaceships," and watch T.M. fly amongst resounding subs, scintillating hi-hats, and a floodlight from the Neon iCON, who synergizes perfectly to the entire playback; there's no way you're coming out the other side of this track without a severe confidence-boosting afterglow following close behind. 

What was it like working with RiFF RAFF and producer BG3NIUS on "BENTLY SPACESHIP," and what do you think made your collaboration such a success? To be honest I didn't get to work with RiFF in person on this project. Although the project did come together organically. My dude Bg3nius actually had previously worked on the tangerine tiger album. Producing, engineering, mixing and mastering that album for Riff Raff. While they were working on it here in Vegas He played Riff Raff a couple of my tracks and talked me up, told him he thought we'd make a fun track together. Next time I came in for a session the track was just waiting for me.  I was surprised. I think he played it for me like 2x. I wrote my verse in under 5 minutes. Recorded it real quick then tackled a few projects of my own I had planned for the session. I think what made it such a success as we both have an upbeat fun type of energy that comes across. We are both lyrically sharp. G3nius, also doing his thing made it all just pop and come together nicely.

What were some of the emotions you found yourself tapping into for the verses you've laid down on "Bentley Spaceships"? You know, I was just feeling like this is my only shot to get the world's attention. Working with a major artist exposes you to a bunch of people who may of otherwise never stumbled upon you. I wanted to show them what I'm made of. That I could hold my own with anyone in the game. That lyrically I'm on par with your favorite rapper. I'm versatile, my style and cadence are ever-evolving. Mainly that I belong in the big show and my name should come up in the conversation of the best up & coming rappers. I was channeling my 6ix9ine Vibes with the energy. 

How did the initial concept and idea for "Bentley Spaceships" come about? Was it a few lines on paper, a brainstorming session on the studio floor, or a freestyling rendition come to life? Like I stated earlier, I came into the studio for a session with Bg3nius and was surprised there was a banger waiting for me to jump on. You'd have to ask Riff Raff & Bg3nius that question as far as what inspired the song. For myself, I was personally stoked at the opportunity and knew I had to crush it with my verse. Because I wouldn't be getting another opportunity like this if I didn't. Hopefully, it's well-received and other Major artists will now want to work with me very shortly.

If you could give your listeners a few words that would present like the Prologue for the experience behind "Bentley Spaceships," what would you say?

Man, it's really just a feel-good song. I feel it's about not sweating your doubters and haters. Just sticking to your goals your path. To keep chasing the dream until it's reality. It gets me amped up. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? My small family, a small group of friends. Other artist music, my desire to work with other major artists, all kinds of art, smoking copious amounts of marijuana. Daydreaming of touring overseas once this pandemic is under wraps. Lastly, Chasing the dream.