Hot off the Press: $Tragedy$ - “Ghosts"

Coming from the bottom, learning that you decide your fate is the Phoenix-based Hip-Hop artist $Tragedy$. $Tragedy$' latest release "Ghosts" has us completely in awe; this is an incredibly moody tune that feels like it's coming from deep within $Tragedy $'s heart. This record feels like the bliss of pure inspiration for us, with lyrics like "A lot of pressure on my life but I know I stay strong," $Tragedy$ tells us about the struggles he has gone through in life but also how no matter what happens if you push yourself you can overcome those struggles.

We couldn't help but feel we were taken deep within the realms of $Tragedy$ world. Around every corner, we saw mysterious figures that we couldn't make out, but $Tragedy$ was able to bring a level to comfort to us by telling us that it was our minds that were making up those figures. "Ghosts" is a simple but yet complex tune, it features a punchy but evolving 808 drum kit with little splashes of trap. This motif mellow synth sets the overall vibe of the record, and $Tragedy $'s perfectly executed vocals that beautifully sit over the top of the beat to breathe in peace and tell us his story. $Tragedy$ has definitely come a long way, growing up in different orphanages and foster homes allowed him to cultivate his sound to something truly unique to his own experiences. We are proud of how far $Tragedy$ has come and cannot wait to see where he will go next.

You can listen to “Ghosts” here.

Hey there $Tragedy$! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Ghosts” feels like a deep monologue about your life, how has your life experiences made their way into this tune? How do you want the world to perceive the lyrics?

Yeah, I actually just came out of a hard time emotionally and really wanted to vent that into a song the beat was perfect for the angst I was feeling. Life experience is basically what makes this song what it is, I think the overall I want people to get out of it is the feeling of relief of venting from these feeling I'm expressing in the song.

We are proud of how far you have come, do you feel that if you didn’t go through such a vivid growing up if you’d be creating the same type of music? How did you decide you wanted to use music as an outlet?

No, I think the music would be much happier and maybe I am not even doing music today. Music was an outlet for all the rage and frustration I was dealing with as a child and that made me study and fall in love. I decided after really seeing 50 cent and Eminem and feeling like I had the same thing they had and I was so well versed in the songs I like I knew I could do it if I tried.

The production of “Ghosts” feels very clean and crisp, what was the thought process when coming up with this tune? Did you write the lyric to the beat or did that come after?

Well a producer named Niko made the beat and when I stumbled across it I was in love and started saying Ghosts in a Ghost lol and I liked the idea of displaying as you get closer to the destination it the journey may take a toll on your mental health! My engineer Xiris always makes me sound beautiful lol so once I heard the beat I made the chorus and the rest is history!

Now having released this tune, where do you see your music leading for future releases? Do you have any stories that you are willing to tell?

Well, the first week has been tremendous and I am going to focus more on singles and music videos going forward at least once a month is my goal! Not really a story but it is funny to see how you can go from no interaction to having too many messages to read through I am not where I want to be exactly but I'm not too terribly far off either just want to encourage other artists to keep pushing for their dreams!

What are fans able to expect in 2020?

A bigger situation in every way! More Visuals, More Music, and MORE $Tragedy$!