Hot off the Press: $Tragedy$ - “Ghosts"

Coming from the bottom, learning that you decide your fate is the Phoenix-based Hip-Hop artist $Tragedy$. $Tragedy$' latest release "Ghosts" has us completely in awe; this is an incredibly moody tune that feels like it's coming from deep within $Tragedy $'s heart. This record feels like the bliss of pure inspiration for us, with lyrics like "A lot of pressure on my life but I know I stay strong," $Tragedy$ tells us about the struggles he has gone through in life but also how no matter what happens if you push yourself you can overcome those struggles.

We couldn't help but feel we were taken deep within the realms of $Tragedy$ world. Around every corner, we saw mysterious figures that we couldn't make out, but $Tragedy$ was able to bring a level to comfort to us by telling us that it was our minds that were making up those figures. "Ghosts" is a simple but yet complex tune, it features a punchy but evolving 808 drum kit with little splashes of trap. This motif mellow synth sets the overall vibe of the record, and $Tragedy $'s perfectly executed vocals that beautifully sit over the top of the beat to breathe in peace and tell us his story. $Tragedy$ has definitely come a long way, growing up in different orphanages and foster homes allowed him to cultivate his sound to something truly unique to his own experiences. We are proud of how far $Tragedy$ has come and cannot wait to see where he will go next.

You can listen to “Ghosts” here.

Hey there $Tragedy$! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Ghosts” feels like a deep monologue about your life, how has your life experiences made their way into this tune? How do you want the world to perceive the lyrics?

Yeah, I actually just came out of a hard time emotionally and really wanted