If you think PUNK music is underrated and underappreciated? You're right.  The Radio Buzzkills will remind you of why you fell in love with music in the first place and why music is still the thing that keeps us YOUNG and ALIVE. A little Q&A with the St. Louis band making NOISE...

GET LOST!  and why you love The Radio Buzzkills.

We drove from Montreal to St.Louis in 24 straight hours and we STILL all loved each other by the end of that.  We’re all great friends, we’ve all known each other for a pretty long time. It’s a fantastic excuse to hang out with your best friends, travel the countryside and play music.  

Hey Buzzkills, your album art is impressive.  Who in the band is the artist?

Royce Banuelos did all of our early stuff. He’s a great cartoonist. We use a fan from Argentina named Jessica Lopez for a lot of merch. Our next record is going to be drawn by Bob Camp of Ren and Stimpy fame! With Bob Camp we know we’ve made it. 

You list The Ramones as a major influence.  Favorite Ramones song? 

We had the opportunity to have a spot on the Johnny Ramone 70th Birthday Comp and we chose to do “Do You Wanna Dance”, which is a Ramones cover. So we did a cover of a cover, classic Buzzkills!  I think we chose that song because it’s the embodiment of our Ramones spirit animal. We love that upbeat makes you want to dance side of The Ramones. 

What is the best part about being from St Louis?

It’s the murder capital of the United States so we get instant street cred. 

Tell us about GET LOST!

Get Lost is a pop-punk concept album about finding love in all the wrong places. It’s something we can all relate too. We’ve all been in love with the wrong person, Get Lost takes a look at the most extreme examples, like falling in love with a cannibal. The goal is for the listener to take a journey down memory lane; why not laugh at our past mistakes rather than dwell on them? 

What's one interesting fact that most people don't know about The Radio Buzzkills?

Our sweaters get stolen all the time. I’d say we have about 10 stolen sweaters floating around out there.  Please stop stealing our sweaters. 

Favorite opener so far?

You Dirty Rat from Detroit. Great band, great dudes, I hope we can one day ride their coattails to fame an fortune. I don’t know, we see so many great bands on the road I feel guilty picking one. Actual Italians, The Rip Taylors, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards, Black Russians, Tony Rocky Horror, too many great bands have been nice enough to have us. 

You can only choose one to tour with...Velvet Underground, The Stooges or Alice Cooper.  Who's it gonna be? 

Alice Cooper. We have a signed Alice Cooper poster in our practice space.  He’s a hell of a performer and a hell of a golfer. Golf is the classiest way to curse in the woods.

ANY last words for your fans? 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!