Hungry & Gifted; CRASH Stevens!

Located all the way out the I.E, CRASH Stevens is an upcoming sensation that is making his voice heard through his lyrical rhyme patterns, heavy-hitting beat selection, and a confident flow to make his competition re-think their rap career.

CRASH Stevens is an incomparable artist. His style is different, catchy, full of metaphors and pop culture references. CRASH Stevens has been setting the groundwork for his upcoming release in the new year, dropping singles like “Scotty don’t “, “Precision “ and the newest release “New Levels” featuring Ayeaux The Gawd of N.C.G. If 2019 proved anything for CRASH Stevens, it was the fact that it was indeed an eventful year for the striving artist. CRASH Stevens has the confidence, the sound, and they look to cater to these current lovers of hip-hop. There’s undeniably room in the market for a sound that’s as powerful and tough as CRASH. Rap is competitive, but CRASH Stevens isn’t afraid of any challenge. In fact, he’s ready than ever to take on the ins and outs of the rap game and to make his name a household one. CRASH will be dropping his EP titled “CRASH Course“ in 2020, with a lot of anticipation and hype behind what to expect, we know that it will not disappoint, but prove he belongs in the game and is very eager to win.

Give a listen to CRASH Stevens here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Crash Stevens! Who would you consider some of your early inspirations for rap and why?

I’d have to say artists like KRS one, Notorious BIG, method man, Busta Rhymes, ice cube, Dr. Dre, Mac Dre, EPMD, Naughty by nature, then have bands like Aerosmith, Linkin Park, and guns n roses were some of biggest influences, my mother had a wide range of music that had me drawn in each time something was played.

What was your personal favorite element to “Scotty Don’t”? Explain!

The hook has to be it, the overall energy you get from it is undeniable. Then I'd have to say using a couple of samples from the movie “Austin Powers” was the icing on the cake.

How would you describe the lyrical approach you took in songs like “Precision”?

Had to step my game up from my first single “cold”, I went in the studio with mindset of “GO”, just bars, Keep spitting!

Let’s talk about your newest release “New Levels”, were there any arrangements you wanted to experiment with when creating this single? 

Not, in particular, I know I wanted a real heavy spitter on the track, so I hit my big bro “Ayeaux The Gawd” we were Throwing ideas out there, and that’s how we came about the song. When he did his verse I knew right then and there I had to Level up and match that energy or even exceed it. Overall “New Levels “ is a Banger! No cap!

We’re excited about your upcoming EP release! Mind hinting to our readers what we can expect from this project?

BARS, BARS, BARS, only two features, one from my Big bro Swizzle, and YOUNGJOHN. Expect a dope selection of beats and production, this is going to get your head moving and speakers bumping.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 besides your EP Crash Stevens? Any goals you mind sharing with us?

The consistency, the hustle, the marathon it takes to get were you want, I want to make 2020 the year of Visuals and nonstop content. I want to be that artist who can change the narrative out here, the Inland Empire has so much talent waiting to be heard, I'm going to be that artist.