I Am Cam Will Brings Genre Fusion In New Song “The Call”

Emerging from Columbus, Montana is a dynamic artist, I Am Cam Will. He has been creating his own style of hip-hop music for 15 years but has recently been trying to transition into more of a soul/R&B fusion category. “The Call”, off his latest project 'Sorry Eye Past Out', exhibits his newfound talents in his exploration of new music genres. “The Call” looks back into a tough, personal love story from his past, but reflects new musical ideas from I Am Cam Will. Compared to other songs in hip-hop, “The Call” has all the right components to let it stand out from its competition.

The first thing that makes this song individualistic is the guitars. In “The Call”, the guitars sound like they could be in an 80s R&B ballad, but he samples them in a way where they fit his style completely. It is a nice change from the typical synthesizer sound we normally get in hip-hop. Additionally, I Am Cam Will starts “The Call” with glossy vocals instead of rapping. This suits the ambiance of this song perfectly. However, the best part of “The Call” is how it is skillfully structured. The song begins with its normal guitar then ambiance, then in the middle it goes in reverse, and in the end, he is rapping. This isn’t because he is trying to be versatile, it goes with the story in his lyrics. If you listen carefully, you can find the message behind the song within the structure, which I think is genius. I Am Cam Will brought a lot of artistic and musical talent with his new song “The Call”.

Listen to “The Call” here.