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“I Think You Love Me” From Tyler Shamy Teleports You To A Moment Of Everything And Nothingness

"I Think You Love Me" is a high-energy song that takes you around the universe with a single breath. One foot in, one foot out, the title says it all. You know the dance, the push-pull, the gap between… a relationship of passion, unknown, surrender, and desire. Tyler Shamy feels this song teleporting his listeners to a moment of everything and nothingness, what you want but never allow yourself to need.

Tyler Shamy is a multi-talented artist who excels in songwriting and voice acting. He has written songs for many significant artists and television shows, and his work has been featured on many popular streaming platforms. He is also a very accomplished voice actor, with credits on many major networks and shows.

This song immediately dropped onto two of my new playlists. "I Think You Love Me" is an expose of emotional intelligence gifted to listeners. 184 seconds of a classic in the making, add this pop masterpiece to your playlist today.

Tyler, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest single, "I Think You Love Me." We are blown away by your work and excited to see what’s next for you. How do you feel being a voice-over artist has affected your music? Thank you! Having a background in acting and voice-over definitely influences my songwriting in terms of using my imagination, thinking from different perspectives, and capturing various emotional states. There have been a handful of fans who discovered me through my voice-over work and became introduced to my music that way, which is pretty cool. It is apparent that you have a passion for music and voice-over work. If you could only pick one, do you think you would be the same artist you are today?

I'm somebody who needs a lot of variety to feel creatively satisfied, and I find that when I'm too focused on one or the other, I experience burnout. Granted, it's kind of like having 2 full-time careers, so it can be a lot to juggle, but I love both so I can't imagine giving one up. I'd have more time to make even more music and promote it if I didn't have a voiceover career, but I'd definitely feel a void if I didn't have both since they're fulfilling in completely different ways for me!

Listening to your music, your passion radiates through. Where do you draw this inspiration from? Do you have any practices that help you ground and connect with yourself?

I appreciate that! Most of my inspiration comes from real-life experiences. I've always been a very sensitive & emotional person who operates more from feelings than logic, haha, so there's always a lot to unpack. Songwriting is cathartic for me. I don't know how I'd survive without that emotional outlet, to be honest.

What message do you want people to take away from your new single, "I Think You Love Me?"

"I Think You Love Me" was inspired by a situational experience that I felt compelled to write about, so it's more so a story and feeling I wanted to express than a message. It captures a chapter in my life that I'm sure some people can relate to. My goal is always to make people feel something with my music and hopefully feel less alone in their human experience. <3


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