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Ida Therese Klungland Is A Master At Crafting The Story Of Each Song She Writes

Multi-talent Singer, Songwriter, and storyteller Ida Therese Klungland is making a name for herself in the Norway music scene. She carefully crafts each song to tell their own unique individual story with inspiration from 90s grunge and minimalistic Pop music.

Her latest EP, 'Sketches,' is a self-produced masterpiece. This EP contains a series of heartfelt stories diving into who Ida is as a rising star. The feature track of the EP 'Humans' tells a story of us all ad individuals in this world going through our hardships and success that we have the power of writing. This entire release creates a beautiful soundscape displaying all the creativity that Ida Therese Klungland offers listeners.

Ida Therese Klungland continues to be inspired by all the musicians and creatives that still preseed to create and stay connected to their audience from home. In an interview with BuzzMusic, she said, "I think there has been a lot of good music coming from lockdown!" and we couldn't agree more. She continues to write and create projects that tell a story. Her goal is to release a debut album in 2021. Be on the lookout for this talented artist.

Learn more about Ida Therese Klungland here.

Photo Credit: Irene S. Lunde


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