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Idahams & Ajebo Hustlers Team Up For A Sweet New Bop, “Bad Girl”

Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, and Afropop recording artist Idahams keeps the fire burning with his catchy new single, "Bad Girl," with Ajebo Hustlers from his highly-anticipated debut album, Truth, Love & Confessions.

The fast-rising Afropop recording artist has garnered over 40 million plays online, three top 10 singles on Music Week's UK Black Music Chart, and substantial support from BBC 1Xtra, Apple Music, and Spotify. Fresh off the release of his anticipated 13-track debut album, Truth, Love & Confessions, Idahams is ready to keep the momentum going.

Listeners can get a sneak peek of what to expect from Idahams new album through the buzzing and chart-climbing single "Bad Girl," engineered by Grammy Award-winning producer Vtek. This lush collaboration between Idahams and Ajebo Hustlers packs all the passion, groove, and good vibes we could ask for.

Diving deeper into the refreshing new single, "Bad Girl," the song opens with sweet and sensual r&b keys that flow into the warm Afrobeat production and Idahams's heavenly vocals. While inviting his special someone back to bed for some alone time, Ajebo Hustlers' melodic vocals start raining down from above to bless us with all sorts of sensual and intimate vibes.

You can't miss out on the song's luxurious music video too, which sees Idahams and Ajebo Hustlers getting down with the groove alongside beautiful women to set the spicy mood. If this song is anything like Idahams's debut album, Truth, Love & Confessions, we know we're in for something special.

Treat your eyes and ears to the seductive and sensual nature of Idahams and Ajebo Hustlers' newest single, "Bag Girl," from Idahams' debut album, Truth, Love & Confessions, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Idahams. What was your main inspiration behind such a sensual, groovy, and feel-good song like "Bad Girl?" What led you to create this song?

It’s us exploring and sharing the experiences that we’ve had with the beautiful women in our lives. I knew my brothers Ajebo Hustlers were the right people to create this song with, and we're glad the fans are loving it right now. How does "Bad Girl" fit into the vibe and concept of your debut album, Truth, Love & Confessions?

'Bad Girl' has always been a confessional story I had always wanted to talk about in a song, so since I was working on a project with that confessional theme, I felt this was the right opportunity to talk about it. What was your experience working alongside Ajebo Hustlers when creating "Bad Girl?" Was this your first time working together? Working with my brothers was just a vibe; we created that record within one hour, and everything was just flowing easily. I knew I had to do one with them because we share ties from our city back home in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. ‘Bad Girl' was the first song we worked on together, and it was the perfect song for us to work together on.

What was your goal with the album Truth, Love & Confessions? How does this record help listeners get to know you better? I just want the world to be inspired by my story. You can never tell the millions of people going through the same things you have gone through, and your music might be the medicine to heal or entertain them.



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