Immerse Yourself in Psychedelic Band SUNSHINE's Latest Track, "High Off You"

Psychedelic Pop band SUNSHINE is here to spread their uplifting, eclectic energy to listeners willing to immerse themselves in a dynamic experience. Composed of Alma on vocals, Connor on guitar, Mason on piano and drums, as well as producer Jackson, SUNSHINE collectively disperses their energies accordingly to craft the vast and wide-ranging sound they conform to. The most recent exploration theme for SUNSHINE includes love and the varied perspectives that arise out of it.

SUNSHINE released their single, "High Off You," which features a light and airy vocalism that keeps the song feeling innocent. The narrative of "High Off You" focuses on positivity, especially the positive emotions regarding intense passion.

There's such a mix of productional stylings within this track, and it's quickly noticeable that SUNSHINE doesn't conform to a specific melody. With such a versatile spread of sonic fusions, SUNSHINE successfully establishes a template for listeners to extract what they can from the single and feel what they're capable of expressing. "High Off You" will most definitely transpire some emotion within listeners, and the song is worth giving a listen to strictly for its diverse interpretation. In the end, "High Off You" proves to be an intriguing track that offers a wide range of takeaways, strictly dependent on what a listener seeks to draw out.

What inspired the vision for the varied and dynamic style presented in your music, most specifically within your latest track, "High Off You?"

Alma: For me, the style comes from deep within the soul. A raw outlook on life. Creating from our own life experiences and the emotions that arise is put into our music. Especially the love and awareness in high off you. 

Connor: The sound had a bunch of influences behind it. It's a love song but an honest love song. I was heavily into a lot of psychedelic rock when I came up with my part. Alma had these lyrics and then it came together almost effortlessly. We had one song called "Not Go Astray" but I wanted to push the limits of what we could do compared to the last song.

Mason: We are drawing from our influences and want this kind of music out in the world with our own originality. Also crossing different cultures and backgrounds across the country. Joining sunshine helped influence me and gave me a positive outlook cause I was going through hard times and helped open my heart chakra. 

As a love song, "High Off You" fed many emotions to respective listeners. How were you intending your audience to interpret the song, and ultimately feel after its entirety?

Alma: There really was no intention in the beginning. I just hope our listeners feel this kind of love within themselves and their partner, to interpret those emotions that arise anyway that they feel in the moment. If it brings them into a romantic haze or instills power within their hearts, whatever it may be!  

Connor: We wanted people to have a song for that special someone or someone that is important to them. Sometimes love is shown in subtle ways and sometimes it's intense. So to combine those two elements into one song would show the two sides.

Mason: I hope people feel like they discovered something new, something great. They can find someone to get high off of in a way.

Are there any moments within the creational stage of "High Off You" that felt misguided? How do you typically treat obstacles within the writing and recording process when presented with them?

Alma: Writing the lyrics and putting it all together never felt misguided for me, it felt magical. Although the recording process was intense. I felt so vulnerable sharing these words with others and I am still getting used to that. This is the first song I have written, Connor wrote our first one! I was anxious the whole time and was doubting my voice too. Taking deep breaths helped ganja and fresh air too. I guess that’s just how it is in the beginning, I will surrender and see what evolves next. 

Connor: It started off with Alma, our producer Jackson as well as myself. However, during the creative process, I asked Mason if he wanted to add something to it. And he did and without his contributions, I don't know if the song would have turned out the same way. However, the process seemed pretty straightforward. The best way to deal with obstacles is to push forward but there were hardly any when it comes to this track

Mason: First-time people followed through with what they said, got the studio time and it happened. It worked out amazing. 

What was the true and ultimate meaning of "High Off You" that you felt was accurately expressed to your listening audience?

Alma: What I feel our listeners get from this is that love is strong. It changes us. I simply wrote out what I was feeling towards Connor and the realistic side to love. We don’t need another person to feel loved and manifest our dreams, that’s self-love. Yet loving another comes down to wanting that person, feeling that spark, and supporting each other in one's endeavors and situations. Also that they too can feel that we are all love at our core. 

What can listeners anticipate to hear next?

Alma: We have a few songs ready to record, a bit more bouncy, and focusing on self-empowerment/awareness. I feel our next song, crystal caves, will illuminate our listeners to become more aware, present, and excited for what’s to come. 

Connor: We have a lot more coming up. Different formulas each time. A songwriter's worst nightmare is having a catalog of songs that sound exactly the same as the last one. We have some new songs on the way though but I'm not going to spoil the surprise. 

Mason: Well Connor has written over a hundred songs already and I have taken inspiration from that. So I have been having Connor teach me how to write. We even started a new song together!