Immersive Story Telling and Lush Soundscapes Elevate Emily Daccarett’s New Pop Single “Love Chain”

Soft euphoric pop vibes lead us into Emily Daccarett’s new single “Love Chain.” Emily’s soft and sweet voice delivers coy and playful lyrics. “Love Chain” is a lovely, swirling, pop-rock compilation of “gaze-out-the-window” melodies. This love song channels cosmic piano notes, fast-moving, emotional orchestral strings, and whisps of echoing guitars. Emily’s ability to develop an immersive soundscape creates a window the listener can step into and experience the musical storyline unfolding around them. Artistry is a way of life for Emily Daccarett, for her fashion and music cannot be separated. A graduate of the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in Paris, Emily trained in the French technique of draping and pattern making. Diving into her deep admiration of music, Emily pursued training at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute. Not long after graduating, Emily fused her love of fashion and music and made her runway debut with Concept Shows during LA fashion week. “Love Chain” displays vulnerable, from the heart lyric’s, painting a love story between two cosmically tied lovers. Lyrics like “with you, I can’t hide,” “touch me, kiss me,” “you got me falling for your love,” create an imaginative lyrical story for the listener. We are positive; this is only the beginning of great things for Emily Daccarett.

Listen to “Love Chain” here.