In The Shallows Tell Us Worry Not and "Let It Go"

Photo by: Helen Winter

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, alternative folk band and duo In The Shallows return with a sweet-sounding anthem to unite us all entitled "Let It Go."

In The Shallows has been dusting the industry with its lush stylings since the summer of 2019 when Welsh singer-songwriter Danni Parsons felt captivated by the raw vocals of Kiwi rock and roller Lance Shepherd—prompting the creation of In The Shallows. Alongside in-studio musicians Andrew Bain (Fur Patrol) and Nick Brown (Eb & Sparrow, Vorn), In The Shallows is just starting to peel back their first layers of success.

Recently releasing the harmonious and inspirational new tune, "Let It Go," the song evokes warm and lush summer energy but carries a far deeper meaning than what's on the surface. The duo is known for making intricate tales of love, loss, connection, redemption, and empowerment, and this song is truly no exception.

Beginning our venture into "Let It Go," the track opens with a groovy reggae-like instrumental through a rhythmic drum arrangement, bright guitar strokes, warm organ pulses, and an energetic brass section. Listening to Danni Parsons' sweet and angelic vocals, she sings of coming together and hoping we realize we're more similar than it might seem.

She continues to passionately encourage us to let go of expectations about how life 'should' be lived' while calling on us to accept the uncertainty of life's journey. The instrumentals in this track carry us to the outro with this gentle but dancy groove that keeps our toes tapping but locked onto Parsons' lush vocals the entire ride.

Get rid of those worries and "Let It Go" with In The Shallows' new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love your new single's genuine approach and relatable aspects of "Let It Go." What made you want to create a song about accepting uncertainty and 'letting it go'?

Even before now, nothing was certain in the world. We lived in an illusion of sorts, believing we had control over our lives and what would come next. That we could plan ahead, and for the most part, everything would happen as we had hoped. But the truth is that nothing was ever guaranteed. In some ways, there's nothing new about the situation other than us realizing more than ever that we need to embrace uncertainty and live in the moment, as you never know what's around the corner. As for 'letting it go,' it's just surrendering to what is and how we thought our lives would look, and how we think others should be. For those who are up for the challenge, we have been given an opportunity to learn to be more present, more accepting of what is, and to practice surrendering to what is. Extending this to others, allowing them to be as they are, making conscious efforts not to make preconceived judgments of others without really knowing, and sometimes never really understanding the context in which they make their decisions or choose to do what they do. In a time where there is so much divisiveness, too, just being aware of our tendencies when we're living in fear of blaming others. A reminder that we're all more the same than we care to admit some times and that we're all afraid of something right now. It's just that the perceived threat is different. When we cultivate that kind of compassion, we are able to unite with others, as ultimately all we want as humans is connection, and to be loved and accepted by others.

Did you share the songwriting process for "Let It Go?" How long did it take to formulate a cohesive theme and create the song's lyricism?

Often it starts with Danni writing the lyrics, some basic chords/guitar riff, and the melody. Then we build on that. Lance will play much fancier guitar parts as he's much more skilled in that way! Then the band, again all incredibly talented, add their flair to it, which is always intuitively perfect for every song we've written.

Why did you choose to give "Let It Go" a reggae-like vibe for the song's instrumentals? Do you feel this sonic atmosphere helped portray that sweet summer feeling?

We never actively intend for a song to be a certain way. It's very much an organic process where when we just have it in our heads how we hear the song and can't hear it in any other way. So we go with it and see where it takes us!

We've noticed that your music tends to be rather inspirational and empowering. What inspired your duo to take that gripping musical route?

The intent of our music has always been for it to be honest and authentic. We figure that whatever we're experiencing, it's likely it will resonate with others. Danni has done a bit of Yoga and meditation training over in India over the years, so she draws a bit from yogic philosophy as well as what's going on in her heart and in the world around her. Our hope is that the music will be relatable and that through this music, we can create a genuine connection with our audiences.

Photo by: Helen Winter