Independent Pop/R&B Artist Joshua Flores Releases "Don't"

Joshua Flores is an independent Pop/R&B artist from Texas. Starting his love for music and performing at the young age of 11. Joshua Flores is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer. Joshua put his skills to work in his latest release single release, ‘’Don’t’’.

Joshua Flores sings about expressing not wanting to have his time wasted with the lady that he is involved with. He sings "just give me a sign, let me know that everything will be alright’’ and ‘’I don't want to read between the lines’’. He’s expressing that he wants all the cards out on the table, he wants the brutal truth. He is willing to give their relationship a try but she has to be willing to fight for their love as well. The beat has a catchy nostalgic R&B bounce, and all the elements of the song work effortlessly together, it's evident that Joshua Flores was involved in every process of the record. "Don't" is the perfect addition to your favorite playlists. Joshua Flores plans to release two more singles coming in April and May.

Listen to "Don't" by Joshua Flores here.

Hey Joshua Flores! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're excited to be featuring your latest single "Don’t"! What was the creative process like when you were putting this song together?

When it came to making this song I just had the idea that I wanted it to be about getting fed up in a relationship. With that in mind, I came up with the main piano chord progression and ended up making most of the music before I had any lyrics. I wrote the song pretty unconventionally, I came up with the hook first, then the first verse, the pre-hook, and finally the second verse. The song was based on past experience of being in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, and you didn’t want your time wasted if things weren’t going to change.

Knowing that you’re a producer, songwriter, and performer, would you say any one of these abilities is your favorite compared to the rest?

Honestly producing is probably my favorite to do. It’s always fun coming up with something new, bringing together all these different instruments and sounds and making a cool song out of it. It’s also a great challenge to recreate the ideas in your head on how you want certain things to sound in the song, but it’s very rewarding when you figure it out.

Is there any musician that you would love to collaborate with and could you see yourself producing other artist's music as well?

I would love to collaborate with Charlie Puth someday. I take a lot of inspiration from the way he structures his song production and his style which I’ve incorporated in the way I produce my songs at times. I would definitely like to produce other artist’s music too. Like I said producing is fun and challenging and it would be great to work with other artists to create something cool and unique.

How would you say your creative process has evolved over the years?

I feel like my creative process is not as structured or set in stone as it was before. Originally I would write the song first with my guitar, then I would start working on producing the music. But now I tend to just go with the flow and figure things out along the way. Sometimes I get ideas for a cool sounding melody or chord progression, and I’ll end up making a song before I have any lyrics or an idea of what the song is about. Whatever idea I get I just run with it and see what it leads me to along the way, that is how I made my new song after all.

What we can expect from you throughout 2020?

This year you can expect more music from me coming your way. I always like to step out of my comfort zone and try new styles of music and sound. I love making pop but I also enjoy R&B so be ready to hear different sides of my music that you might be surprised by.