Indiana Bones Is A “Wanted Man”

Australian folk-rock artist and killer singer-songwriter Indiana Bones is on the loose, releasing his new ode to rule-bending entitled "Wanted Man."

Bones is the former frontman of blues-rock band Wakan Phoenix and has recently made a name for himself as a solo artist through his raucous vocals, rugged good looks, and wild performances. So far, he's released a bare-bones cover of Tom Wait's "Goin' Out West" and the soulful country-inspired single "Born to Run Free," but who knows where the free-spirited recording artist will take us next.

We sort of have the answer to that—while Bones was "Born to Run Free" in his last single, it looks like that got him in some trouble, as he's now a "Wanted Man." This high-energy track kicks us in the gut with the foot-stomping instrumentals and Indiana Bones' rough-around-the-edges performance, showcasing an internal layer of tenacity that's hard to come by nowadays.

Hitting play on "Wanted Man," the track takes off with a groovy acoustic guitar riff oozing in anticipation. Once the entire folk-rock instrumentals begin to pound through our speakers, Indiana Bones makes his robust and muffled vocal appearance, singing of his life on the run for a loaded gun like himself.

There are several dips and twists that Bones takes us on in this fiery new track, and we love the nostalgic western feel he's incorporated in both the gripping instrumentals and his charismatic performance. This track is sure to pump up any party; it's straightforward, lively as hell, and comprises all the right elements to get anyone on the dance floor.

Rock out to Indiana Bones' new middle finger to the law, "Wanted Man," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Indiana Bones. We love the energy and anthemic feel of your latest single, "Wanted Man." What inspired you to write a song about being on the run as a wanted man?

Well, thank ya! This past year, I've more or less been a recluse. I didn't play any shows or see many people. I was kinda beat, and then recently my drummer told me he was moving to New Zealand and so my band, Wakan Phoenix, was officially over. This lit a fire under my ass. I picked up my guitar and wrote the song in 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want the instrumentals in "Wanted Man" to emit? How did you want the instrumentals to make listeners feel?

Like an outlaw on the run!

What was it like working with producer and engineer James Walmsley for "Wanted Man?" Did you guys bounce ideas off each other to navigate the song's sound?

James is an invaluable collaborator and true producer. When we were recording, he would always set the scene by spinning some yarn about sitting around a campfire or going out plinkin'. It's also worth mentioning that the track was mastered by Brian Lucey, who works with folk like The Black Keys, Shania Twain, Liam Gallagher to name a few.

Seeing that your recent single, "Born to Run Free," covers a similar free-spirited concept as "Wanted Man," would you say this ongoing theme is a core aspect of your artistic brand?

Freedom is a contentious notion at the moment, but I think you can always be free-spirited when you're listening to music. That's why I play. So yeah, it is.

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