Indie/Pop Singer Katie Sant Has Us in Our Feelings with Her Latest Album "Pretty Vile"

We'll tell our readers right off the bat that Katie Sant is one of those artists to keep tallies on. As an Indie/Pop artist, who incorporates light rock elements throughout some of her tracks, we receive such a strong presence from the soundings she is able to curate. Going through "Pretty Vile", we even receive some light-hearted country elements that accentuate the eclectic stylings of "Pretty Vile" even further. From Boston, MA, Katie Sant takes the inspiration derived from her life on the daily and pours the painful, fun, and loving emotions she experiences into her songs. Sharing this personal experience with her listeners, including us, we feel even more connected with her artistry, and ultimately her life. As a singer/songwriter, Katie Sant takes the advantage of her artistic abilities in order to share incredibly full stories with her listeners, and we're absolutely eating these stories up for the very personal essence they hold. One track off of "Pretty Vile" that seriously caught our attention: "In This Song".

Katie Sant had us feeling immediately in-tune with ourselves when hearing her voice in "In This Song". She has one of those voices that you easily feel connected to. That kind of voice that has you feeling like everything will be okay, at least for the short time of the track. Her vocal dynamic on its own is attention-grabbing, and when combined with the light and flowing melody of the track, we knew our Indie listeners were in for a treat. Personally, we knew Katie Sant was a true artist listening to "In This Song", and as we coursed through the rest of her album "Pretty Vile", this opinion was pretty much set in stone for us. She incorporates painful emotions into such beautiful soundings and even more graceful execution. It's mesmerizing to us how she can effortlessly make something as painful, raw and unequivocal into a sounding that is angelic. Katie Sant is forever on our music radar. "Pretty Vile" proved to us the type of artist Katie encapsulates, and we know we haven't nearly gotten enough of the dose we need!

Discover "In This Song" here.


Hello Katie! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and our readers about your artistry! Let's start off by congratulating you on your album release "Pretty Vile"! Was the overall production and recording process as flowing as the album is itself? Yeah, it flowed pretty nicely! A lot of that is thanks to Casey Dawson, who was the brains behind the sound engineering. We had a great creative yet productive flow, so things just kind of gelled.

You have an incredibly dynamic voice. We were seriously struck with such a love for the soundings you're able to curate and put into a story-telling form. Would you say this seemingly effortless connection you have with your own sound comes naturally, or did it take you some time to be able to craft it in the way "Pretty Vile" was crafted?

First off, thanks for the compliment! I never really thought about it that way, but I suppose it has to do with how close the songs are to my personal life. I guess, because I had a deep emotional connection to what I was singing about, those emotions somehow translated through to my voice.

"In This Song" had a painful emotional presence to it. Did you stem this particular song inspiration from your personal life? Would you say most of your tracks are a representation of your personal life?

Absolutely. In one way or another, they are all a product of my year of hospitalizations, illnesses, surgeries, the whole confusing ordeal. “In This Song” is certainly a song with pain, but also gratitude for that pain. Sometimes you have to endure the pain to truly appreciate when the pain is gone.

You really had a beautiful array of soundings throughout "Pretty Vile". We felt a variety of elements from each track, and each of them encompassed the most calming production styling! Are you most in-tune with the type of sounds curated in "Pretty Vile", or would you ever see yourself creating tracks following a completely contrasting genre one day?

I love messing around with different sounds. Yes, this album was very much a singer/songwriter piece of art, but that’s not where I draw the line. I hope to expand from there and make things a little bigger, as opposed to the intimacy of this album. When it comes to rap I’d say you can count me out - nobody, absolutely nobody wants to see that sh*t. Other genres and new genres are certainly up for grabs!

We loved "Pretty Vile" and the impactful stories embedded within. Your presence within these tracks was undeniably potent, and we have to say we're on our toes with what you'll be releasing next! Any hints as to when upcoming releases and/or shows will present themselves in the future (near-future we hope)?

Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear you were able to connect with the album, that’s such a gift. For now, I’m really just focused on my family and my health. All I’ll say is I’m definitely not done and I hope you’ll stick around to see what is to come.