Indie-Rock Band The Unnatural Make Saying “Goodbye” Not So Painful

Los Angeles based alternative indie-rock band The Unnatural have a unique and diverse sound. A crew of creatives, a band of brothers, The Unnatural creates lyrics that will be running through your head all day, and powerful vocals to compliment. This is one Unnatural family you will want to be a part of. The Unnatural are prized with a group who come together to showcase some energetic and vibey tunes on their newly released  EP “Goodbye Past, Hello Future” now streaming on all major platforms.

Featured on The Unnatrual’s latest EP is the wrenching ballad titled “Goodbye". It channels the emotions we all face before letting go of someone you love. “It’s never enough // I was never enough” is a brilliantly emotive lyric that resonates with me because of its raw honesty. It highlights the regrets and self deprecating feelings that we all go through after losing someone we love. We beat on ourselves for wasting the time we had together and we blame ourselves for the reason it ended. The Unnatural displays all of these emotions in the most musically pleasing way. They make uncomfortable topics comfortable through their catchy indie riffs, pummeling guitar, echoing vocals, and overall chemistry. “Goodbye” is a brilliant indication of what’s to come on the rest of their EP “Goodbye Past, Hello Future”.

Check out “Goodbye” here and keep scrolling for our interview with The Unnatural.

Hey guys welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves? What role does each of you play within The Unnatural?

Hello BuzzMusic! 

We are The Unnatural, a band of best friends and family. There are four members in total that encompass the band. Gabriel Hughes is the Lead singer and main writer of the music/lyrics. George Blecher is the lead guitarist and also a multi instrumentalist who helps with adding new textures to the music. Last but certainly not least we have the Rodriguez brothers. Adam and Tony Rodriguez are a killer tag team rhythm section. Adam is our drummer, he is definitely the heart beat of this band and one of the best drummers your feet will get to dance to. He also has been a vital person to our videos and promotions. Tony is our Bass player, adding him to group has been a monumental boost for our sound and the connection that him and Adam have is uncanny. 

How and when did The Unnatural come to fruition? How did you choose the band name?

The Unnatural originally came together in the summer of 2015 with a few different members changing in and out. The beginning of 2017 would be when the final line up had come to fruition. The band name was created by the singer (Gabe Hughes) The name represents the diverse taste of music each member embraces and throws into the project. We do things differently not by choice. It's in our DNA to work on what we feel, opposed to what is currently trending. 

Can you dive into more details on the lyrics of “Goodbye”? What inspired this song?

Goodbye is a song about heartbreak and fear of letting go. We want this song to showcase how hard It could be to loose a loved one , depart from an addiction, or to end a relationship with a first love. 

What’s the overall theme of your new EP “Goodbye Past, Hello Future”? What do you hope your fans take away from it?

The theme of our EP "Goodbye Past, Hello Future" is all about self empowerment . It's killing off the old destructive self that holds you back. We want our message to help listeners understand that through every hardship we face, it’s okay to experience true change. Yes some things may get messy, but if you can focus on the worst parts of yourself and destroy it. You will rise from the ashes and kick some ass with a positive disposition. 

Do you have any hints of tour dates or upcoming show you’d like to talk about? 

We are in process of planning our first tour. As well as playing local shows in LA. We are excited to play on the 31st of August at Lucky strike Live. it’s going to be a packed house and with some great local music! 

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