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Indigo Blue Tells A Story Of Pain And Perseverance In His New Single, "Push, Play & Repeat"

There are few things more important than representation. To see ourselves and our lifestyles recognized in some of our favorite characters and most played songs gives us a sense of belonging.

Far too often, the harrowing story of young single mothers is overlooked in favor of ones that are more glamorous. Indigo Blue, otherwise known as Allen K, tells their story in his new single "Push, Play & Repeat." The pain of his words seeps through his deep and powerful voice, conveying the tiresome struggles of single mothers and also their strength.

In the same way, a mother would not let the trials of life stop her from standing strong for her child, Indigo Blue channels that strength and pride into an incredible chorus that transforms the song and creates depth.

The song is driven by synth-generated piano, a straightforward drum pattern and ambient sounds; these elements come together in various frequencies to create dynamicity. The vocals are placed to take center stage in the production, emphasizing the meaningful lyrics.

The ability to make these creative decisions comes from Indigo Blue’s many years of experience in the industry. He uses music to tell stories of his experiences and experiments with various genres, like pop, drum and bass, future bass, pop rock and more. We hope he keeps telling the stories and making the music that we all need to hear.

Read our full interview with Indigo Blue here.



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