Indigo Opens Up About Her Latest Release, "Running Wild"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Indigo! We’re loving your new single ‘’Running Wild’’ and are thrilled that you are here to speak with us. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind the single?  When it comes down to it, it’s an unrequited love song. I was inspired to write it after being with someone who I knew was bad for me, but I’d wished they weren’t. We’d both felt like we’d known each other before somehow, and had run in similar circles for a very long time. As time went on, I went from seeing this person as someone I was meant to be around to see them as a challenge that I was meant to overcome. The song is about the moment where you wash your hands of someone.  Can you tell us how "Running Wild" has differed from anything you've released in the past? Were there any challenges you faced while creating this single? I spent a long time finding my musical identity and developing my style. I used to think that something being ‘complex’ made it more musically interesting when, really, most people’s favourite songs are simple (as are mine - the older stuff was a little more “disjointed” I guess. I think this track, along with the wider project, in a lot of ways signals my return to simplicity. And to myself, really. We hear that you're gearing up to release your debut album in December of this year? Can you give our readers and your fans a glimpse of what to expect from this project? Yes! It will be my first ever full-length album and I’m really excited to put it out there. Musically, people can expect the catchy, bedroom-pop vibes and some pretty emo lyrics. In terms of what it represents, it’s really about returning to myself. Is it difficult for you to create and record songs with difficult themes/meanings to help your fans through difficult and emotional times?  I have this thing, as a lot of songwriters do, where I have to go back and “relive” something in order to really be able to say what I want to about it. So I guess sometimes it can be difficult in that way, but then I’m not sure how I would fare without that way of communicating. I’ve been writing songs since I was 5-6 (I had a little songwriting journal at that age already), so it’s really all I know. I feel like the song is the only way for me to ever say what I really mean. I know I’ve taken solace in other people’s expressions, and it’s pretty cool to think that maybe someone out there would take solace in mine.  In crazy times like the world is going through right now. What are some projects you've been working on to stay motivated and creative?  Well, Mike (the producer I’ve been working with the last 5 years) and I are setting up some stuff that will allow us to keep working on the project while our country (Aotearoa / New Zealand) is in lockdown, so that will keep us busy. I’m looking forward to writing a few more tracks. I’m a high school music teacher too, so I’ll be busy with preparing for distance learning. Besides that, I’m learning a couple of languages - Māori and Hawaiian. I think under these circumstances keeping busy (within reason) will be really important to maintain some sense of normalcy for a lot of people. 

Listen to "Running Wild" here.