Indonesian Neo-Goth Band Camlann Releases “What’s The Worth Of Living?”

Camlann is an alternative new band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Made up of members A-be (frontman/vocals), Vinyl Godfrey (guitarist/songwriter), and Zan (synthesizer/production), the group creates an individual sound influenced by dark post-punk. They fuse their haunting melodies with 80's dream pop and 60's surf rock to create a sound that is both modern but refreshingly nostalgic. After releasing their debut EP "The Arrival" in August 2019, Camlann has taken the next step as a band and signed with independent record label Ordo Nocturno. Making their name known as a new face in the music industry, Camlann is on the rise.

What’s The Worth Of Living?” boasts retrospective, yet melancholic, lyricism, pummeling guitars, catchy melodic riffs, and heavy rhythmic drums. Camlann exudes authentic chemistry that only comes from fine calibration and undeniable talent. “What’s The Worth Of Living?” weaves through storytelling elements while still remaining a contemporary pop/punk/rock track. Using music as an outlet for their emotive lyricism, Camlann establishes a solid foundation for their fans to relate to their songs. If it isn’t the surf rock guitars or their gritty vocal resonance, it’s the witty and catchy lyricism coming together as an entire hit. “What’s The Worth Of Living?” is a welcome and addictive new addition to the music industry and I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for what Camlann delivers next!

Listen to “What’s The Worth Of Living?” here and read more with Camlann below! 


Hey Camlann! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How would you describe your sound and approach to music? 

We have a dark and gloomy sounds in our music, yet we also have a melancholic and dreamy touch in it. Our sound are heavily influenced by the gloomy 80's goth music (specifically darkwave and post punk). Yet, we also put some 60's dark surf elements in our songs to add a nostalgic touch in it. 

How did Camlann come to fruition?’

We don't really know, we just follow the flow. It was in early July 2019, when we contacted a local online magazine/press for promoting our music on their instagram account. Not long after that, our audience increases and an Indonesian music manager and record label owner, Anida Bajumi, asked us via Instagram DM if we want to work with her. So we said yes, and not long after that we become the part of the Indonesian record label, Ordo Nocturno. Not long after that, our debut EP, "The Arrival", released in August 4 2019. 

What are the lyrics in “What’s The Worth Of Living?” about? What do you hope your listeners take away from this track?

The lyrics are written about depression and hopelessness. It is written about somebody who's hopeless about their condition in live since life "took everything and gave none to them" (based on the fictional character's prespective). The song talks about a person who's basically suffers from depression and questioning the meaning of life itself. It's between questioning, hopelessness, and depression.

How have your musical influences inspired your sound?

We're heavily influenced by several 80's goth musicians and modern goth musicians too, such as Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, Xmal Deustchland, Drab Majesty, Black Marble, and Lebanon Hanover. Our influences has influenced us really hard on our songwritting and composition, on our sounding and on our vibes too. Without them, Camlann's sounding will never be the same and we'll never be in this position with this image and sound. 

What’s next for Camlann?

We're currently working on our debut LP that will be released on mid 2020. 


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