INTERVIEW: BuzzMusic Talks With Charlee Bravo!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Charlee Bravo! Tell us about your journey so far. What are some challenges you've faced and how did you manage to maneuver through the obstacles?

Well the one obstacle I have is getting people to say my name correctly lol "Charlee Bravo." My journey of course has been a ride in it's on. From having my music stolen in the beginning to not having enough money at times to push. None of this discourages me. I always find away to push forward and give the future I see and I'm creating the best chance of becoming reality. Pray, Manifest, Work. My model for any obstacle. 

What was the inspiration behind your single "Purple Punch"? 

Purple Punch was inspired by my haters to be honest. No matter how hard I work no matter how much I do they don't like me. I'm like the Golden State Warriors the best at what I do but the most hated because I'm doing it. Purple Punch is the anthem for those who work hard yet still disliked because of their work ethic and success. 

We love your wordplay! Do you have a specific songwriting approach you go for?

This is an awesome question because to be honest my songwriting usually just flows. With this song my emotion and soul felt so strong it just flowed out of me. I mean I had absolutely no scratch outs on my page. I try and put together the best arrangement that will draw an audience in old and new listeners. I want to use words and situations that you all can relate to. When you rap my lyrics I want you to feel as if you wrote it and are telling your story. 

How would you describe the lyrical arrangements in "Purple Punch"?

I wanted to capture the audience with the hook. I wanted it to become embedded in your minds. Which is why I said it in the beginning. It was like a tale or story of a young man's journey throughout his music career. I want my audience to feel like that through out the entire song. So I made sure to not only add an amazing hook but to add characters I create throughout each verse. Making you feel like there are multiple people on the song but there is only one. Opening your imagination. 

Thank you for sharing your music and story with us! tell us, what's the legacy you hope to leave behind you as an artist?

I want to leave a positive mark on this planet through my entertainment and art. I want to heal and help people through any situation they may be having. Through my art and music I want to bring the very best version of each person I reach... out them. 

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