INTERVIEW: BuzzMusic Talks With REST100!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Rest100! Growing up within different homes in New York, what has been the biggest lesson for you that has benefitted your career as an artist thus far?

The biggest lesson that has benefited my career as an artist thus far is not being gullible enough to trust everyone. The funny thing is that a person with talent seems to attract the most toxic and volatile people. And in this day and age everyone is looking to take advantage of something that they have nothing to do with.

You’ve been in the game for quite some time, in what ways has your artistry developed over the past decade?

I have learned to adapt to the sound of the masses. And what I mean by that is that I haven’t isolated myself or my genre By only being able to create one Tune. I’ve studied other artist I’ve picked up on things that I was good at and I develop my own sound.

We loved your hit “Need A Bag”. What was your vision for this single? Did you face any challenges in the production of it? 

I just wanted to show that I could make a catchy commercial single for the project. Many people believe that there are two people on this song but autotune can make you sound like a totally different person anyway. Not many challenges on the production side. I’ve been recording mixing and mastering my own music for almost 15 years now and I literally only began learning how to do that because nobody else believed in my music.

As a hip-hop artist yourself, who would you consider some of your influences and who are some of the artists you’re listening to today?

As an artist my main influence is my family its why I do anything I do. Money used to be the motivation but now creating a foundation and building a future is more important to me. When it comes to music I kind a give everybody else a shot so I’m willing to listen to everything and anything without bias.

What’s next for Rest100?

In the mist of raising six children being a husband creating music and working a job. I’m also out here going to school and filming the videos to the revelations project. I never really know what’s next I just know I have to do it!

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