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Interview: HQ Showcases New Single "Hungry"

Great to have you here HQ! “Hungry” is your debut single from your upcoming EP "Good Grief", how do you feel about the overall execution of the project? It was definitely a process. I wrote and produced the project on my own so often I would fight with myself over what was dope and what was trash. I may make a dope beat one day but feel like the verses just weren’t hitting right and vice versa. Fortunately, I had people in my corner to be the outside voice which got me back on the right track otherwise it would be a never-ending process. I’m really happy with how Good Grief came out though I put a lot of work in and lord knows how many hours into crafting something that came from the heart. I think whoever may listen to it will easily be able to tell that I put a lot of passion, patience, and energy into my craft.

There's such addicting energy to “Hungry”! What kind of emotions are you attempting to project to listeners with this track? I really wanted listeners to feel exactly how I felt at that moment. That nothing and nobody could stop me from thriving except me. I firmly believe that the biggest determining factor in one’s success is how they rise from defeat, how they navigate through challenges and setbacks and find a means, any means, to reach their goal. Hungry is the embodiment of that. I’m hungry for success. I’m hungry for creating a means for my family and those around me that support me.  What would you say is the most important take-away message from “Hungry”? Where did your inspiration for the concept come into play? The most important take-away is never to let “setbacks” transition to “downfall”. We all have things we’re fighting for. Life’s hard man but you gotta remain persistent through it because you never know what good will come from those trying times whether they be big wins or little. My inspiration really came from just being in the same position a lot of people are in. Just constantly dealing with self-doubt, feeling like your stuck in a job that you hate and there’s something that you absolutely love doing and you feel like you’re losing time. I wrote Hungry after having a moment of clarity and realizing how much of my own destiny I’m really in control of. I changed my perspective on my situation in dealing with where I was in life and realizing what may have been a situation that felt like an endless cycle of hopelessness was really just a temporary situation, as long as I remained determined and focused.

We can imagine that your performances are incredibly energetic with the sound you have! Have you performed anywhere, and if so, how is the vibe in your crowd?  Soon! I have some ideas I’m cooking up performance-wise and I think the crowd is gonna enjoy it! Definitely soon though, keep an eye out on my social for updates.  Thank you so much for talking with us! What would you say is your major goal within your music career? To inspire and to spread love. To grow every single day in my craft. To connect with people. To connect with me. To express what may otherwise be impossible to express fully without a creative outlet.

Listen to "Hungry" on Spotify here


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