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Interview: Repeat Discusses New Self-Titled Album 'Repeat'

Expertly fusing stoner and alternative rock to forge a signature sound that’s served them well and captured hearts everywhere they go, Swedish rock band Repeat has continually managed to stand out.

Formed by Torbjörn Hallberg and Johan Holmberg, their refusal to compromise regarding their artistic integrity has kept the overall level of each Repeat release dizzyingly high. For their new, self-titled album, they’ve made it their mission to provide “a short and explosive experience of repetitive aggressive songs,” turbocharging the listener with energy and an elevated vibe.

As they gear up for this release, we got to sit down and ask them some questions. One thing’s for sure: as they continue to shoot for the stars, we’ll follow their future closely. Big things are in store, and we can’t wait to see how it will pan out for this talented outfit.

Welcome to BUZZ, Repeat! We’re so intrigued by your self-titled album we have to ask! Being able to release a debut album finally is enormous! Why did you pick the name of your debut album to be ‘Repeat,’ and what did you first envision when you got the inspiration behind this release?

The idea behind the band, hopefully also reflected on the album, is to provide a short and explosive experience of repetitive, aggressive songs. We prefer short formats and a direct presence. The mix of stoner rock and alternative rock with loud, fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass, and aggressive drums gives its unique progressive style. The lyrics, just like the songs, are often short, and a lot of space is left for the listener to create their imagery.

Can you take us through the creative process you have when making a song? What’s your favorite thing about making music?

Torbjörn writes the framework, then works out a basis with Johan before meeting all three to finalize the song. Although the music is riff-based, it is also essential to have a hook, rhythmic or melodic, in each song. Some ideas that feel good in the first stage can quickly be discarded when we rehearse if there is a lack of natural flow when playing the song together. There are many best things about making music, but working on a song together when the chemistry is correct and then recording it or playing it in front of an audience is very rewarding.

What was your favorite part about bringing the vision for ‘Repeat’ to life in all of its entirety?

The good laughs along the way and then, of course, the positive feedback from our fans!

What does music mean to you, and what goals do you want to achieve through music?

Music means a lot to follow us through life. Music can take us through rough times and is with us when we are having a good time. We want to entertain our listeners, and after hearing Repeat, hopefully, people will feel revitalized!

What’s next for ‘Repeat?’ Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

We will be back in the studio at the beginning of next year to record a new album, and we hope we will be playing clubs in Sweden and abroad after that.



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