Interview with Samuel L Jackson Jr

Hey there Samuel L Jackson Jr! Welcome to BuzzMusic! “Recess Reloaded” is category transforming! Tell us how you came to produce this track!

Well, my first official song “Recess” was something I did just to get a feel of how the creative process is for artists... I actually recorded Recess & Recess Reloaded at the same studio & the same engineer Lil Nas X used to create the original “Old Town Road”. With Recess Reloaded I wanted to create a sound that had the new school sound, with a flow mixed with the new & old with a storyline behind it all.

"Recess Reloaded” is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?

I desire to have my own sound, meaningful lyrics at all times that get better each time you listen to them.

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics within "Recess Reloaded”!

I wanted to create a similar storyline that tied together to my first song Recess while 

Recess Reloaded displays the improvements, and confidence I’ve made through making music, and in life. It’s almost that confident, cocky, but humble approach through the whole song. With multiple different flows.

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage?

I don’t sound like anyone else but Samuel L Jackson Jr, I already have the mindset I can’t make everyone happy. Or not everyone is going to like the music I create, but I focus on those people who do even if it’s just me, myself & I.

It was a treat being able to showcase "Recess Reloaded” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve just released a new single?

Staying independent while working through the industry, and to continue enjoying the process, taking each step day by day... And of course, enjoying what I do and being grateful for those who enjoy the music.