Introducing Hip Hop and R&B Songwriter/Singer/Publisher BlacQ'smith

Welcome to BuzzMusic BlacQ'smith! Tell us about your stage name. What’s the story behind “BlacQ'smith”?

There's no deep meaning behind the name beside the surname is my government surname and I wanted to bring across my true essence which is being a creator and builder. The "Q" stands for quality and was decided because I have always wanted my sound to be quality work.

We really enjoyed your single “Rise Up”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record? 

The creative idea behind "Rise Up" was to write a song that speaks to an individual's persistence and determination, remembering one's core values.

How would you detail your songwriting approach to your song “Rise Up”? What inspired you to write this single?

Oh once I heard the instrumental (beats by Daku), the song nearly wrote itself. I'm reminded every day that lyrics to songs are emotions and thoughts illustrated. 

What is it like being an ASCAP Songwriter/Singer/Publisher?

It's cool, it places me more in the driver's seat as a professional songwriter. 

Thank you for sharing BlacQ'smith! What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

I recently wrapped on production for a collaboration album with B. Lop3z titled "Positive vibes." to be released Feb. 2020. I will also release a solo EP this year titled, "BlacQ'er the berry sweeter the sound." The wheels are always in constant motion as I will be performing in countless venues in 2020 sharing my sound.