Iris Inspires Listeners with Latest Release "Don't Wait Up"

Coming fresh off the heels of the success of her love-drunk single, "Lay With You," Iris releases a sun-tanned and up-tempo contemporary cut that buzzes over engaging top-line hooks with a four to the floor dance-hall cadence that festoons the interior dance-floors of "Don't Wait Up," the New Zealand Pop-Intoner's latest cherubic Pop-single donation.

"Don't Wait Up" is a Tropica-soaked track about living in the moment and making the best out of every waking second of it. Written amid the suffocating norms of a pandemic, and with the guiding hit-maker twines of Charles Lutman escorting Iris's creative hunches into realization, the duo finished what would be their leading Pop festooned booster for all the down-under mindsets of 2020; and they did it in only one night.

Over a punchy mid-chest thumping beat, Iris evokes emotions of wanderlust and sanctifying vibe as her vocal harmonies congregate together in prismatic unison over the hooking lines of the chorus: "don't wait up, don't wait up tonight, glowing up tonight, gotta live it up tonight, up till the sun-rise." Within the island-swaying incantations of her hook, Iris creates a panorama of world-music reflecting aesthetics, and carefully intertwines the most intoxicating touchstones of soca infested drum beats, salacious modern synths, and angelic pads that diffused magnetized steam from the back-drops of this instant classic.

When we look back, the gyrating dynamics and dance-inducing vibes spilled from every bordering edge of Iris's "Don't Wait Up" shouldn't come as a surprise. The New-Zealand-bred chanteuse has been turning heads with her uplifting Pop-mantras since her Debut, "Unlocked," dropped earlier this year, and she's got her fans itching for more with every succeeding release.

What were the emotions you channeled into for the vocal performance you've captured on "Don't Wait Up?"

I recorded Don't Wait Up around 2 am. Usual studio hours for me because this is when I get super hyped up haha. So I was channeling party energy, fun, and bouncy.

Where do you picture your audience unboxing the uplifting message behind "Don't Wait Up," and all the upbeat vibes that come attached to it?

The song really is about living in the moment, doing things for you. Don't wait on anybody to live your life the way you want it. Make your life a celebration.

How did Charles Lutman help facilitate the creative process behind the recording and the overall production of "Don't Wait Up"? Do you feel like this song would be the same without his influence?

At this stage in my career, I definitely think my sound has been built around the synergy of when we are both in the studio. We bounce off each other's ideas and I really like the direction my music takes when we work my songs together. I used to write alone a lot and then Charles would build out a track around it but nowadays it's much more collaborative from both ends. I like to be hands-on with the production too and he also helps with lyrics. This album will have much more of a cohesive sound I think because we have done everything in the same room. 

Have you learned anything new about yourself as an artist after the release of "Don't Wait Up?"

Definitely. I feel like in the last few years I have really been discovering more about myself as a person and an artist. I come from New Zealand so what I grew up around shaped my initial style and sound. Now I feel I have had the opportunity to be more cultured - having taught songwriting in Japan and working with various collaborators in Los Angeles. I am always learning more about myself and the world and I try to portray that into my art. Music will always be a representation of my inner growth. Art imitates life / Life imitates art is very much a true analogy for me in my musical career. "Don't Wait Up" is my favorite release so far as it really captures the direction of sound I want to continue to explore. Pop, Dance, High energy with an almost afro-beat rhythm. 

What can we expect to hear next from you?

My next album will be predominantly dance-focused with songs in a similar world to Don't Wait Up. Expect high energy, artsy, dance, POP.