Deeply Personal Release From Isaiah Angel Hubbird Will Have You Riding out in Waves of Emotion

Today BuzzMusic shines the spotlight on artist Isaiah Angel Hubbird. Since starting his career in 2014, he has auditioned for America’s Got Talent (2016), participated in Vans Warped Tour (Ernie Ball) in 2016 and has constantly been motivated to keep pushing forward and do better and better. Isaiah Angel Hubbird recently released his new project 'I Knew You Forever' and it's nothing shy of excellence.

Isaiah Angel Hubbird’s latest singles "I Knew You" and "Forever" is the perfect evolution of previous projects and songs wrapped up into one. From the start, we felt incredibly nostalgic and reminiscent of our younger years. With the incredibly laid back smooth enchanting guitars and sparkly drums, we get lost on waves of emotion where Isaiah Angel Hubbird’s heavenly voice keeps us afloat and safe.

The vocals in both of these tracks, for the most part, have an incredibly intimate emotion to them with a flair of being raw before introducing a magical vocoded effect that completely hits us by surprise and leaves us in a trance. Halfway through, the tempo picks up and a shining acoustic guitar is introduced with a perfectly warm bass that intricately follows Isaiah Angel Hubbird’s storytelling. We are completely lost in a trance after listening to this release and can’t wait to hear what else Isaiah Angel Hubbird will be releasing next.

Listen to "I Knew You Forever" here.

Hey Isaiah Angel Hubbird! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest single “I Knew You Forever” feels like constant waves of emotions but your enchanting voice leaves us afloat! What kind of emotional connection did you feel with the lyrics while you wrote them? Did the emotions change after the song was complete? The emotions I hold for these lyrics are strong and true. The main story behind this 2 in 1 single album is about the crumble of trust and loyalty towards a significant other. These lyrics suited exactly how I felt trying to get through a cheated relationship. The recording process was definitely a struggle being reminded of the past, but I feel a sense of relief packing it away through this album.    Every instrument has an incredibly sparkly feeling to them, how was this achieved? What was the process like to record them? Was this something that just happened or was it part of the initial writing? The tone of each instrument happens right after arranging/recording them! I put focus to how the instruments make me feel more than just the sound of them. I do this by filtering through numerous sounds and tweaking the plug-ins until it matches the exact emotion.  What was it that made you want to transition from being behind Dreams Of You to where you are now? How have you grown as an artist since then? I started off as Dreams Of You in 2014. A teenage musician with tons of learning to do. Honestly, it was my way to express my love for someone who had an impact on my life since then. Dreams Of You was sort of like a mask that covered who I should have been as a musician. I was more ‘trying to be’ than actually being. I grew tremendously since then. I took 2019 as the year to really mature and sort out who I wanted to be as a musician. The simple solution was to release music under my own name. Just be meAfter having gone through a few iconic audition phases and now releasing “I Knew You Forever”, what would you tell your younger self to change? Is there a message you wish you could have told your younger self?

The message I would tell my younger self is to be more authentic. I do recall many times where I would attempt to mimic other musicians. Instead, I should have worked on my own unique tone. Luckily, I am using this year to experiment with different tones and genres.