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It’s Always “Smooth Sailing,” With Lucid Kidd

Lithuania-born edgy, melodic, and urban pop artist and singer-songwriter Lucid Kidd says it's all "Smooth Sailing" in his newest sensual and high-energy single.

Although Lucid Kidd is, well, a kid, he is undoubtedly wise beyond his years. Now primed and ready to introduce his tunes to the world, Lucid Kidd draws influences from acts like XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, and The Kid LAROI. His upcoming EP contains credits from Fast Life Beats (Coi Leray, Perri Jones, Young Paris), IKENNA FuNkeN (Kevin Gates), and Corey Chorus (Rihanna, Keke Palmer, Estelle).

While songs like "Baby (feat. Lil Skar)" and "452B" helped kickstart his successful career, tracks like "Smooth Sailing" are keeping him there. It's an exciting, head-bopping, and high-energy song that showcases all that Lucid Kidd has to offer; conceptual bars, engaging performance stylings, and the best damn beats you can find.

Expanding on "Smooth Sailing," the song sweetly opens with vibrant keyboard melodies that jump into a mid-tempo and heavy hip-hop beat. As Lucid Kidd jumps in, he begins vocalizing his passion for someone special and how it feels like a vacation in their presence. Within seconds, Lucid Kidd grabs our attention with his unmatched bars, sweet melodic vocals, and palpable passion.

This song is like wine; it gets better with time. By that, we mean the song gradually progresses into this well-rounded and scorching hip-hop anthem that any rap junkie or r&b lover will adore. We can't tell what's more "Smooth Sailing," the love that Lucid Kidd sings about, or his engaging performance stylings, blessing listeners with a vibe they simply can't find anywhere else.

After hitting play on Lucid Kidd's new track, we promise it's all "Smooth Sailing" from there. Show some love to the Kidd and find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lucid Kidd. Your new single, "Smooth Sailing," is truly a vibe and a half. What inspired you to create this passionate and hard-hitting track?

Hello, thank you for having me. The last 3 singles released were really just telling a story about personal growth. The first song showed the emotions of being lost and lonely, the second showed realization, third included the love concept. As a 4th single smooth sailing is a song about acceptance of life not being always fair; therefore, when excepting the factor, the wavy and stormy 7 seas become smooth.

What was your favorite part about creating "Smooth Sailing?" Were there any specific moments or experiences that stood out to you?

I just loved the vibe in the room when that song was a work in progress. It was truly some pure good energy going with the flow, which can be clearly seen in the song because the vibe/mood in the room reflects the song's energy. Also, I loved shooting the video because it was throwing many creative and random ideas into one video, making it pretty original.

What was your vision for "Smooth Sailing?" What sort of vibe or experience did you want the song to offer?

First, I really want people to be able to feel and vibe with this song. I also really want listeners to understand how life really offers you way more when u do less planning/thinking and more going with the flow. When you go with the flow, you accept the fact that not everything always will go your way, which will make even the stormiest seas smoother.

As a "Kidd" yourself, do you have any words of advice for other young artists looking to make waves in the music scene? What has helped you get to this point?

Well, there are a lot of tips that might help, but a few very important is, creating a creative working space. That could be achieved by making it cozy or working with some cool friends which inspire you. Another tip is don't wait for some big wave of inspiration to just hit you. Instead, apply some discipline that will evoke creativity and allow you to progress faster.


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