Italian Rockers “Red Blind” Sit Down With Us to Talk About Being a Bilingual Rock Band With No Creat

Thanks for being with us, guys! Stoked to have you on Buzz Music. Your band has some songs in English and some songs in Italian. What inspired you to be a bilingual band and what challenges have you been faced with this? 

Writing in both languages ​​was natural for us from the beginning. Initially, we focused more on English because of our musical background which is predominantly English and American. Then with time we also started writing lyrics in Italian. Let's say we do this because we want to keep more doors open for us to address a wider audience. Writing in different languages ​​remains something that not everyone can do. You may have metric or pronunciation problems in English, while in your mother tongue you may fall into clichés. Deciding whether a song will be in English or Italian always depends on the project and the audience we want to reach. However, we have had positive feedback in both cases.

Your song “Pitch Black” is reminiscent of Metallica’s “One”, but has modern influences of Trivium. Is that the vibe you were looking to get across?  They are bands that we listen to but that didn't affect us. Although it seems presumptuous to say, we have no reference artists. Over time we have been compared with so many bands that had nothing to do with us. The vibes that we carry in our music are inspired by the life and by what happens to us. In Pitch Black's case, we wanted to create a song that played with lights and shadows.

Being from Italy, what challenges have you faced trying to break in other countries?

Unfortunately for us, being an independent group with no labels or agencies behind it, it is very difficult to try to emerge abroad. We are already struggling to play in the different regions of our territory, let alone organize a tour in other countries. At the moment we approach the rest of the world via the web, sending our songs to as many people as possible. We were also transmitted in some American webradios and inserted in different playlists.

What inspired your lyrics for your Rock ballad “The Sun Is Not Coming Home”?

All the lyrics are in a metaphorical key. The sun that doesn't return home is an allegorical figure to say that happiness is no longer finding a safe place to reside. If we let ourselves be carried away by the atmosphere of the song and interpret the words for what they mean at first glance, it is a song that could speak very well of science fiction and space.

Where can fans find you on social media and what can we expect from you in the near future?

We are on the main social networks and all digital stores. You can find them at this smart link As for our future now we want to organize a small tour in Italy to promote "FUN FACT: Quello che non Sei", our second album released a month ago. At the same time, we would like to go back to writing new songs since we have accumulated a lot of material.