J. Morgan is Back on BuzzMusic as Artist of the Day!

Looking over the past year, it's quite evident that J. Morgan has released a multitude of soundings within his music. It's clear to us that J. Morgan has a goal of imparting a certain sense of energy and robustness into his listeners with the overall execution of his production. The dynamic of J. Morgan's tracks are always fearless and vivacious. This kind of emotion that is so obvious in J. Morgan as an artist is what highlights him to us, and what compels us to his sounding. We're thankful for his rap style and even more thankful for the amount of music he can consistently record and release. J. Morgan maintained such an assertive attitude within the rap scene, which ultimately allowed him to prevail in our eyes. 

Collaborating with many artists across the U.S and Canada, J. Morgan extends his compelling approach to the rap scene to other kinds of artistries, which blends together multiple soundings, creating that active and compelling scene. J. Morgan has released a surplus of tracks outlining his life, experiences, and overall thoughts. One of his recent singles in 2019 has been "Let Me Know", which offers that distinct type of energy and persona we've outlined J. Morgan can consistently create. "Let Me Know" is a personal favorite because it's the right kind of track we need to boost up our adrenaline in that mid-day lull, which we must add J. Morgan's tracks are perfect for overcoming such a feeling. We can guarantee that it'll be quite easy for listeners to feel instantly rejuvenated with the soundings of J. Morgan, which allows for the easy decision to make him Artist of the Day!

Listen to the soundings of J. Morgan here.


Welcome back again J. Morgan! Your music has been a personal favorite of ours on the days we needed that extra kick of energy. Tell us about your creative process in terms of adding that pivotal energy component to your tracks?

I really appreciate Buzz Music and it’s an honor that my music can provide that energy for you! I’m just trying to create good vibes when I’m writing songs or brainstorming ideas. The energy depends on a lot and it helps to have a great team of producers and other writers to help you capture that energy you’re talking about.  2019 has been a crazy year for you and your releases! You've released a bunch of tracks, "Let Me Know" which is one of our most played. Out of each track you've released this past year, what one would you say has been your personal favorite? 2019 was packed and it’s hard to pick a favorite because all of these releases are like my babies. I dropped 5 music videos and a 13 song album in 2019. If I had to choose a favorite release for the year it would be James Brown Bad. The music video for James Brown Bad was something I put a lot of time and thought into and I really love the way the team was able to execute the shoot and then having Andrezia featured on the song and video was another really cool element of the project.  You've featured with a ton of artists on each track you've released throughout 2019. What collaboration was more engaging for you as an artist? Yeah, I worked on collaborations with Lil B, Locksmith, Stinje, J.Lately, Andrezia, DisMissedfit and Monét in 2019. The most engaging collaboration was “Played Yourself” featuring Stinje. We were able to do a music video and I and Stinje got to be on set together and it was a really fun time. A lot of good vibes were captured in that video and the crew was amazing. The video was done by Burgundy Suites and directed by Dale Keano. But it’s hard to pick just one of these collaborations because all of the artists featured on my album are amazing and each song was engaging in its own way. 

Can you explain the way you envision the creative approach for the music videos you've released? I love music videos and enjoy being very involved in the shooting and storyboarding. My main goal is to bring the song to life. A music video has to enhance the impact of the song and tell the story visually. Also being an independent artist you have to be mindful of the budget for the music video so it’s a must to be creative and think of ways to execute certain things efficiently and effectively.  How do you feel about how your artistry developed throughout 2019? Do you feel that you have a new aspect to bring to your sound within the upcoming year, or are you planning on sticking to those energetic roots of your music? I notice the development every time I write a new song or step into the studio. The goal is to elevate with every step I take whether it be my writing skills, performing skills or story writing for videos. In 2019 I dropped 5 music videos, 4 singles and an album and with every one of those releases, I learned something new or honed certain skills. In 2020 I’m going to give the fans and strangers something they’ve never seen from me!  Where do you see your artistry going from here on out?!  I see the future being really bright. I know how hard I’ve worked and how much I’ve invested as far as time, emotions and money. Everything I’ve done and plan to do comes from a real place. I see my artistry growing as I am growing and I believe I’ll continue to make music that people like and can relate to. The music is my therapy so I’ll never stop!