J Sidney Shares His Raw Passion in “Emotional Hues”

Dallas’ Justin Pittman, a singer-songwriter and pianist under the name J Sidney, has kicked off the new year with his new latest demo, “The January Project.” The demo consists of four songs which will be released throughout January 2020. “Emotional Hues” debuted on January 1st, 2020 and will surely have you yearning for his next songs: “Balcony Dreams,” “Nucleus of Now” and “Irrational Anthem.” J Sidney uses his music to tell a story about himself, society, and life as we know it. This personal connection and passion that he includes in his songs is what makes them so alluring to the listener. He expresses tones of yearning, melancholy, and desire by hitting a wide variety of notes with his impressive vocal range.

“Emotional Hues,” along with the rest of his demo, has dramatic piano instrumentals that highlight and heighten his silky smooth vocals. As if the delicate melody wasn’t enough, J Sidney also exposes himself to his songwriting. He shows his artistic skill by using colors to describe aspects of life in an appealing and unique metaphor. The lyrics will have you appreciating the people and world around you - J Sidney has us longing for the next songs from his demo! Stay tuned throughout January to hear his full demo "The January Project."

Listen to “Emotional Hues” here.