Jacob Mondry Soothes His Listener with the Warmth in “Standing on the Face of the Earth”

The second we heard the opening melody, we knew Jacob Mondry was going to change our entire mood. Are you wondering who Jacob Mondry is exactly? Well, he’s a Los Angeles based singer and songwriter, who would surely amaze you with his mellifluous records. His single “Standing On The Face Of The Earth” was a descriptive record with a warm vibe that gives off a contagious vibe of happiness and joy. It's a song that completely flipped our mood 180. It brings about this sudden, refreshing energy filled with light and hope. If you thought music couldn’t put a smile on your face in 20 seconds, then you’re completely wrong! Jacob Mondry has this comforting sound that complements the soft and melodic instrumentation featured in the track. The vocal resonance is smooth like a baby’s bottom and it soothes you with the homey feeling production and arrangement of the song. “Standing On The Face Of The Earth” had lyrics that were so simple,

yet poetically inversive to where you can literally create your own imaginative story to the song. You can listen to this feel-good and joyful single, “Standing On The Face Of The Earth”, here!