Jae Alexander’s “Left Right” Ft. Lil Rugger Will Put An End To Summer As We Know It

Jae Alexander is a talented R&B singer/songwriter and former Air Force active duty veteran. A Maryland native, Alexander was a 2019 nominee for "Best RnB Artist" via Wammies DC and a nominee and recipient of the 2018 T.A.A "Male Vocalist of the Year". Now, Alexander has collaborated with Lil Rugger, rapper and Washington, DC native to drop “Left Right” and put an end to summer as we know it. This record unlike any others of Jae's isn't your usual RnB. This up-tempo hip-hop inspired record just proves the limitless possibilities of Jae Alexander & MK Beatz as a team. Turn the track on and the exact moment you stop moving the track will be over!

Jae Alexander and Lil Rugger crafted an up-tempo and sexy classic with “Left Right”. A hard-hitting, entrancing beat meets with an organic contemporary hip-hop sound, setting the mood well from the offset. Jae’s leading vocal and the superb melody that is this song’s hook pour through to seal the deal and satisfy in a memorable way. “Left Right” is a huge track, incredibly effective in terms of the groove and the good vibes it presents. At the same time, it introduces Jae Alexander and Lil Rugger as having a clear connection to the hip-hop and R&B genres. “Left Right” is like a more modern mix of Kanye West’s “Workout Plan” with Jason Derulo’s hypnotic vocals. Add in Jae Alexander and Lil Rugger’s authenticity and originality and you have the newest hit of 2019. I highly recommend that you add this track to your playlist and stay on the lookout for Jae Alexander and Lil Rugger.

Listen to “Left Right” here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Jae Alexander! Welcome back. We're loving "Left Right" Ft. Lil Rugger! Was this your first collab with Lil Rugger? Can we expect to see more in the future?

Hey, yes it was the first collaboration. Lil Rugger is a diamond in the rough artist, his talents thus far have gone unappreciated, there will definitely be more collabs with the two of us involved. He’s an amazing talent. Much respect.

How did you come up with the "boot camp" idea for the hot music video for "Left Right"?

I rooted the idea from my military experience. My brother “Butta”, who starred in the video is actually currently in the Army stationed in California. He has always been known for being a funny guy so when he was home I thought I’d take the chance to incorporate him into it. Best way to do so, was something he is already familiar with now.

What was the filming process like? Was it intimidating being on set with so many beautiful woman?

Filming processes can always be hit or miss. Everything that can go wrong when you have everything planned will. Having the strength and creativity to overcome those things are key to me. In doing so, having the right person directing and behind the camera is paramount. Versus Visualz made everything look easy. He’s a great videographer and doesn’t get enough credit. With the ladies, no, Destiny Vaughan did choreography and casting of the ladies, with me and RnB, the ladies are the least of my worries.

It hasn’t been long since we wrote about your song “H2O”. How do you keep yourself on track to write and record so consistently?

A lot of my music is prerecorded and sat on for what me and my team like to call the “right time”. Everything is attempted to be planned out, doesn’t always happen that way, but most do. Staying on track is fairly easy right now, seeing I’m already making my music and planning for 2020 already. 2019 was done early this year.

How have you honed your vocal style over time, and did it take a while to find your vibe, or did it come naturally?

Finding my sound definitely took time, it took patience, before definitely took TIME. I pride myself on being very versatile, so through trying so many sounds and styles over time I was able to find just what I need in every song situation. Keep it fresh, keep it light, and be myself.

What’s your main aspiration going forwards in 2019 as an artist?

My main aspiration going forward is to take the industry by storm, prove my worth as an artist, and create a platform to the next level where I can showcase just that. Lets get signed by 2020.


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