James White Will Have You Feeling Energized With "It's Not Over"!

Hailing from Big Rapids, MI, James White is making some serious moves with his recent music. James has been a live performer for many years, acquiring integral experience within the music industry that shapes his overall sound. Playing shows all over the world, James White comes from a cultured background that's able to heighten what he's able to contribute to his flow. Any track from James is able to successfully display his utmost passion for music, and "It's Not Over" isn't any different! Being the latest release from James, "It's Not Right" is a track that gives you power, intensity, and with it's recurring beat, a sense of captivity. 

"It's Not Over" is an eccentric, energy-packed song that's making some waves in the hip/hop and rap music scene. The production is what sets this track in another category of rap--James is able to successfully execute more heavy-hitting programming. "It's Not Over" brings back a familiar and gritty sound in the rap game, which is making a recent comeback today. The melody encompassed within "It's Not Over" is fast-paced and addicting to be in tune with. James White elevates his sound with his aggressive approach, and it doesn't go unnoticed how effortlessly he's able to deliver his lyricism. The atmosphere is engaging and completely industrious. We're eager to see the next sound that comes from James White!

Add "It's Not Over" to your Spotify playlist here, and continue reading for our interview with James White!


Hey James! Nice to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you start off by telling our readers what you hoped to accomplish with your latest track "It's Not Over"?!

What I hoped to accomplish with this single is letting people know not to give up and to keep fight for what they’re passionate about. This single is to encourage those who are on the fence about giving up.

What would you say is the most integral take-home message from "It's Not Over"? 

The important message in this song is thinking that you can do everything on your own and I found out the hard way that you can’t. You definitely need help with others and most importantly God. Specially if you know it’s hurting you and your family. This song is to encourage people to know that they are not alone.

If someone could only listen to one of your tracks, what track would you suggest that fully encompasses the essence of your music?

The track that I would suggest to them is called “I Am Alive”. This track talks about how I felt dead in this world and how there is more to life than just waking up, going to work and partying. To find out that I have a purpose in this world and to be someone great to spread a great message is eye opening.

Can you describe the connection you feel that you have with music, and how it has shaped your life thus far?

The connection I have with music has been amazing. To meet new people and to hear their story’s on how my songs and lyrics has changed their life is something that puts a smile on my face and knowing that God is pleased. Most people want music that they can relate to, have great quality, have a great beat and that is my goal. 

Are you able to tell our readers what it is you hope to accomplish within the next few months, musically?

The next few months I plan on releasing more singles and hopefully a EP later this year. I would definitely say to take some time out to check out my music you won’t be disappointed.


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