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Janice Lee Offers Listeners A Breath Of Fresh Air

Singer/Songwriter and Pop Artist Janice Lee is making a name for herself in the Bay Area. As an artist, Janice Lee's ambition is to express themes and concepts of renewal and empowerment through her music, allowing her to connect with fans on a deeper level. The beauty of her conceptual and personal lyricism offers listeners a breath of fresh air.

Her latest release is truly a treat to the ears, with its uplifting and nostalgic Pop elements. This release, "Finding Home," instantly captivates listeners with its mid-tempo Pop beat over spacious drum breaks. Janice Lee's bright and warm vocals tell listeners about where she lost touch with who she is and how she wishes to create a new path.

This track ends on a positive note through ambient production. With Janice Lee's careful lyricism, "Finding Home" is a courageous story about navigating through the inner-turmoil of life to come out stronger and fiercer in the end.

Blessed with the ability to work from home Janice Lee has had more flexibility to focus on herself and has started to invest her time and energy into what she truly desires.

You can learn more about Janice Lee here.

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