Janockeil Delivers Smooth and Soft Soundings With His 2019 Releases

Dynamic and surreal Texas artist Janockeil showcases his soft and intricate soundings multiple times throughout 2019. If Janockeil has to categorize his sounding, he would express a chilled R&B/Pop integration, which happens to be integrated into more of an electronic/dance sound. Artistically, Janockeil feels that he has a voice to be heard through music— a voice that is influenced by life situations and both real struggle and success.

Janockeil released his 4-track EP “After” this year, which the first track off the EP, titled “Kisses”, consisted of that characteristic electronic integration, but slightly warped to create that Deep House styling. The catchy dance rhythm got us moving along in some type of way. Janockeil has strategized regarding his overall execution and flow—he’s very consistent with ensuring an addictive beat is integrated within his music. Next on the album, we arrive at “Do It”. This track is a little more trill than “Kisses” and showcases a more lax side of Janockeil’s vocal expressions. We appreciate the contrast of sound Janockeil can sustain, it’s really what makes him a seasoned artist. The contrast continues with “Forever After”, because with this track, we’re getting those warm and soulful vocals. The sound of Janockeil throughout this song makes our hearts melt. We’re entranced in his entire sounding all of the 2 minutes and 51 seconds we have with him in “Forever After”, which makes our gradual ending of the album that much more bittersweet. Alas, we arrive at “Wish I Was You”. The track differs from the others in the way that it features more serene and tranquil vocals from Janockeil. It’s a refreshing sounding, and the range of Janockeil’s sound takes a turn with this track! As an overview, Janockeil’s 2019 saw the release of a great EP, encompassing a variety of sounds and feelings. We’re seriously hoping for more dynamic soundings from Janockeil in 2020!

Listen to Janockeil here.

Hi Janockeil! Welcome to the BuzzMusic community. What an exciting year for you with the release of “After”! How do you feel this EP differed from the stylings of your first one?

Hello and thank you so much for welcoming me! Yes, it has been quite a year! "After" was such a huge step for me creatively, lyrically, and musically. There was a huge gap between this one and the first one, simply because I needed to take the time to live life, but most importantly, to figure myself out as an artist and how I wanted to present myself to the world. The first one really didn't have a theme. It was just songs put together and the execution of it wasn't really well thought out as I would have liked. I was just starting out as a new artist with my very first project, so it was definitely a learning experience. With "After", there's a little more meat on the bones. It's more well rounded and everything just flows seamlessly from one song to the next. I'm sharing my life and being more personal and little more confident vocally this time around. 

You have such a diverse range of influences within your artistry. Can you share with our readers some of those exact influences that have truly shaped your sound today?

Yes, I am influenced by all types of music. I started singing in church growing up, so Gospel music is where it all started for me. From there, I was exposed to a wide range of music including R&B, Pop, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, Country, Hip Hop, I mean it goes on and on. My earliest memories were Whitney Houston and Journey being constant plays in my house. If I have to choose, I would say that I'm mostly influenced by Pop and 90's R&B music, simply because of the melodies, being that they are catchy and they stay in your head forever and ever, so that's always my goal whenever I'm writing. I just love music and I write whatever the music moves me to write. 

“Definitely” was released this past November! Congratulations on that release! How did the curating/recording process feel for this track compared to your EP in May?

Thank you so much! I was really excited about this song, because it was so easy and free flowing to write. Even when it came down to recording, it was such an easy going process, and I'm generally always so stressed out in the studio cause I'm a perfectionist. With "After", I remember striving to get every single aspect of that project right vocally and lyrically. But with "Definitely" I wasn't really striving for anything in particular because I don't think I was going to do anything with it. I figured in my own time, I'll finish writing it since it was originally going to be on the "After" but I decided against it. Once I got back to finishing "Definitely", I just let go and didn't stress too much and everything just came together smoothly from the writing of the song to laying down the vocals. I really like this song, and I felt it was time to put it out now. I couldn't sit on this one.  

Your sound is incredibly atmospheric. Is this the type of effect you planned on encapsulating your music in?

Yes, definitely. When I took the break between the first and second EP, I spent a lot of time figuring out my sound and what better suits my voice. I've written a lot of different types of songs during that break and I've been experimenting with my voice a lot and stretching myself vocally to see what I can do and It's made me more fearless as a result. "After" was certainly a reflection of the direction I'm going in, as well as my new project in the new year.

Where do you think you’ll take your sound next for 2020?

Well, I definitely want to keep growing in terms of my sound in Pop and R&B. I also hope to delve into more of my acoustic side as I play the guitar as well, so maybe an acoustic EP one day. I'm a lover of all types of music as mentioned, but the most important thing is to stay true to myself and not conform to what other artists are doing. It's super imperative for me to be unique and my own individual.

Thank you Janockeil for the time to talk over your music! We hope to see you back! As of now, are there any other singles in the mix?

No problem! This was fun! And thank you Buzz Music for taking the time to talk to me and for making me a part of this! I am so grateful to you guys and to be recognized in this way. My new EP is dropping in 2020 and I must say that I am so proud of what I created thus far. I cannot wait to share with you and the rest of the world, so stay tuned! God Bless!