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Janockeil Leaves 2020 Behind With His Emotional Single, "Feeling"

From Jacksonville to Charleston, the Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Janockeil ends the year off with a bang through his latest emotional single, "Feeling." Somewhere between R&B and Pop Music, Janockeil is genuinely making a sound of his own.

This past year, Janockeil has been incredibly busy creating and releasing two moving, groovy, and tender R&B singles. As his sound and influences stem from childhood gospel inspirations, which later evolved into R&B and Pop, Janockeil serves versatility on a platter.

After the release of his 2019 EP "After," Janockeil was eager to further his influences and expand his sound, fueling his songs with catchy melodies, lyrics, and themes surrounding the complexities of love, intimacy, and self-examination. Starting 2020 off with his single, "...Be Mine," Janockeil felt compelled to create another emotional single that displays his immense talent.

Doing so with his latest release, "Feeling," listeners are able to hear a vulnerable story sung by Janockeil, surrounding themes of longing for someone's touch and feeling all the feelings one can experience. With breathtaking R&B production at a down-tempo pace, we can truly hear powerful emotions pour through Janockeil's ethereal vocals on this sweet single.

Diving deeper into Janockeil's single, "Feeling," the track opens with ghostly vocal production that haunts up the background. Once light drum patterns enter the song accompanied by Janockeil's serene vocal abilities, we're lifted into this sultry and desirous space that essentially sums up the year we've had. We also must note the raw talent that Janockeil embodies, as his vocals shine bright like a star in the midnight sky, glimmering with grace and life.

The song's production is rather soothing as well, as the underlying beat and subtle keys bring this overall sense of passion that anyone can connect with. We have our heads bopping to the modern and tightly-wound production; however, our ears always seem to find their way back to Janockeil's brilliant vocal stylings that brighten our days.

With this powerful love song under his belt, Janockeil is getting us ready for more tender ballads like "Feeling" in the future. We're incredibly excited to see what Janockeil conjures up in 2021, as his craft is nowhere near completion.

Hello Janockeil and thank you for catching up with us at BuzzMusic. We're excited to chat about your musical endeavors this past year. What has been keeping you busy during our stay-at-home era?

Hello Buzz Music! Yes, this year has been quite an interesting and tough one, to say the least. But through it all, I've been able to keep myself busy by working, writing, recording, exercising, and staying in touch with loved ones. I've always lived my life in a structured way, doing things at a scheduled time each day for the most part, so I just maintained that mindset during the stay at home era. Thankfully, it hasn't quite affected me in a way that it has affected others. The only difference is doing everything from home, except for the recording part.

Regarding your sweet and emotional single, "Feeling," what inspired you to create the song?

It was me just being in a particular mood one day and the lyrics and melody just flowed out of me very quickly and simultaneously. I just love when a song happens like that. It's really difficult to describe what happens when a song just pours out of you and the end result ends up being something really special. That's how I feel about this song.

Speaking on your single, "Feeling," why did you choose to release the song at the end of such a different and unnerving year?

I wanted to release it in a special way. Initially, I had planned to put it out much sooner, but there was just something different about this song that I needed to give it the release that it deserves. So we shot a music video to coincide with the release of the song and give people an added bonus. Lyrically, the song is about loneliness and missing a lost love, and with this year being overwhelmingly difficult for us to be with the ones we love, I thought it would be great to release something that resonates with all of us and gives us hope that this too shall pass. Music is such a healing force and it's something that connects all of us, especially from a distance.

Your single, "Feeling," captures incredibly blissful production. Did you create the beat and production yourself? What was that process like?

It was produced by Zatan, who is such an incredible producer, and I wrote the lyrics and melody. This one was a different process, I used my voice in such a different way, and I wanted to tap into the softness of my voice to match the emotion of the song. Once the song was completed, I felt that I really had something here, and I don't normally have that feeling all the time!

Could you think of anything you're grateful for that came out of this year, artistically or personally?

Absolutely! Artistically, I am a lot more confident as a singer and songwriter. I am growing into myself more and you will hear that in the music to come. I've written a lot of my best stuff during quarantine, which is odd but awesome. Personally, I'm learning to speak things into existence and be more hopeful, and believe in myself more. This year more than anything has definitely taught me that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so now is the time to really step out and not let fear get in the way of what I want. Admittedly, I've let fear get the best of me in the past and I'm at a place in my life where the fear has started to subside. And of course, I still have my health and my family and friends, so I'm extremely grateful for that always.

As an artist who experienced the live music drought in 2020, what did you take away from a year like this? Did it hinder your creativity, or did you find yourself gathering more inspiration than ever?

Initially, I was concerned that the events of this year would stifle my creativity, but it's been the total opposite! My creativity has sparked in a way that it hasn't before. I've written a lot of my best stuff to date this year and I've found different avenues of expressing my creativity through dance and yoga. I do miss playing my guitar though, so I am going to sharpen my musician side more. The creativity doesn't stop no matter what's going on around me.

Are you currently working on anything, in particular, that might be released in 2021?

Yes! My EP is complete, so continue to follow me on my social media for a release date very soon!




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