Jasmine Singh’s Vocals And Lyricism Are Flawless In “Out My Mind”

Recently given an Edmonton Music Award nod for “Artist to Watch” in the last year proves Jasmine Singh is here to stay and make a mark in the music community. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, Jasmine started honing her craft early on – picking up guitar, and piano and taking every opportunity she could to perform live. Raised in an Indian household, there were no limits to her early influences. Jasmine was inspired by everything from Lauryn Hill to ACDC, and of course Bollywood music. Jasmine acknowledges her eclectic taste in music as a positive influence on her songwriting which helps her draw inspiration. Jasmine hopes to continue to use her diverse music influences to create a sound of her own and break barriers as a South Asian female artist.

“Out My Mind” is Jasmine Singh’s latest release and we’re loving it. The track is all about the trick our mind plays on us when we’re in love. It’s hard to differentiate between logic and feelings when we’re blinded by love. “Out My Mind” sheds light on selfish lovers, confusion and the overwhelming feelings of love. Jasmine is admirably vulnerable and a powerhouse vocalist. Her lyricism is much more meaningful through the hard-hitting delivery and we can’t get enough of her angelic tone. Breaking barriers for both women and her culture, Jasmine Singh proves she is the artist to watch. Stay on the lookout for all of her future musical endeavors! 

Check out “Out My Mind” here and read watch Jasmine's new music video below!



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