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Jason Dmore Ends the Year on a High with Rhythmic Single “Shake It”

In addition to the development and Operations of his own company, Jason Dmore is looking to pursue a full-time career as a Singer and Songwriter. He initially declined a contract offer from a major recording label, with a ferocious determination to make a name for himself independently.

The Philadelphia based independent artist has just released a single to close off the unprecedented year of 2020 with some good vibes. Jason Dmore’s new release “Shake It” blends the best of Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance music all while incorporating subtle flavours of tropical dance music.

The electronic engineering is presented at a high frequency with a repetitive melody, giving “Shake It” its energetic sense of urgency. Jason Dmore shows off his natural production talent by adapting the melody to reflect a tropical dance genre, using syncopation.

The beat is layered between offbeats which creates a summative effect, encouraging the listener to stomp their feet and shake their hips in to hit every beat. Jason Dmore does not stop there – he gives “Shake It” supplementary zest by incorporating the occasional percussion flair at the end of certain verses which creates emphasis at all the right moments.

When it comes to vocals Jason Dmore will not let you down. He raps with an aggressive flow, comparable to the likes of British rapper Stormzy. Combined with the speed of “Shake It’s” rhythm and electronics, Jason Dmore makes sure he brings his listeners his well-anticipated heat.

You told us that you were presented with a contract by a major recording label, and ended up choosing to maintain your independence as an artist. Can you tell us about this decision, and why you made it? This day in age new artists like myself that are offered 360 record deals are taken advantage of by record labels. I did my own research and came to the conclusion to remain independent because, at the end of the day, my goal is to have longevity in the entertainment business. It's very valuable to own the rights to your own masters in order to keep 100% of your earnings and be able to pass down your legacy.

We noticed flavors of Hip-Hop, EDM, and Tropical Dance music in “Shake It” Can you tell us about your inspiration for this song? What genres inspired you? I grew up listening to dance hall music and I always enjoy to see people having a great time and dancing. My inspiration for "Shake It" came from my exposure to EDM artists such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta. There's not a lot of artists that look like me in this genre, therefore my goal is to create a unique style and vibe that represents me and for my fans to enjoy. Can you tell us how “Shake It” compares to the rest of your music? How has your music style evolved throughout the years? I feel that "Shake It" has its unique style and different flare when compared to the rest of my music because I chose to fuse Afro beats with EDM vibes for this song. My style has evolved throughout the years by creating a new blend of sounds and beats that have never been fused together in order to keep it distinctive and refreshing.

Are there any famous artists that have influenced your music style? How have they inspired you?

I have been influenced by EDM artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta who've created amazing sounds and beats from blending different genres of music into EDM. It's only inspired me to create my own music adding my personal style and vibe.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Next for me is a live tour in 2021 and internationally promoting my upcoming video for "Shake It" on YouTube. I am also working on another project for a new song so stay tuned!

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