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Jaxn Faw Will Have You Fixated On His Music, "Till The End"

Reigning from Southern Australia, Jack Kirby, professionally known as Jaxn Faw, immerses us in his talents as an Indie Pop inspired artist.

Having been surrounded by music all his life, he decided to take production by the ropes and put a dent in the Pop Scene. With his most recent single, “Till The End,” we hear the engaging masterpiece that holds a high place in the world of everything, Jaxn Faw.

With tantalizing instrumentation that has us dipping in and out of emotions sprawled across this musical piece, “Till The End,” has our minds fixated on every detail exposed in this independent creation from Jaxn Faw. The pacifying cadences that he takes as he vocalizes the sincere love in his heart for the apple of his eye is unmatched. The composition pulsates soothing elements as you are towed into a medley of talents by this emerging Pop artist.

A diverse utilization of production components allows this track to stand out from the rest as you are caught in the enthralling melodies at hand. Jaxn Faw’s vocals are like one fell swoop that ushers you into the charming essence he carries in his persona and into his creations. Establishing his messaging and who he is from the start, you know that Jaxn Faw owns who he is with every note he exudes. It is hard not to be captivated by the mind-altering universe that you are taken into with, “Till The End.” Left with a burning passion, and a cup filled to the brim with wistful sentiments, Jaxn Faw serves his audience a vital dreamscape of love until the end of time.

Congratulations on the release of your heartfelt single, “Till The End.” A song with this much emotion must be fueled with a meaningful backing story. Could you take us into your inspirations when writing “Till The End”?

The song was unexpectedly put together quite quickly! The song Backs up my emotion and thoughts towards my dear partner Rose as we were approaching our anniversary.

The song summarizes the ups and downs that are expected in every relationship, but no matter what happens you always try to work it out because you truly love and appreciate each other!

As an independent artist who produces, records, performs and creates the music; could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like for this track?

The creative process for me on this track started out with the simple chord progression, followed by the phrase “lets just work this out today” and I continued creating the song wholeheartedly. Doing everything from the production, mixing, mastering to the vocals and even artwork for the track is a time-consuming process. But it’s time spent well to me! I’m always proud to be able to say I do it all on my own! Jaxn Faw ONLY!

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into the songs that you create?

I feel like personally, my music is a raw combination of all the artists I listen to, merged with some spice of me! I allow for my feelings and thoughts to come through with my lyrics, whether that be from past experiences or current thoughts!

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given throughout your journey as an artist?

The best piece of advice I have been given as an artist throughout my journey so far is to “KEEP GOING”. If you’re passionate and love the music, why would you want to stop? Everyone has their own timeline and their own paths. So keep going. Ride the wave.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout the last year to keep creating music?

The thing that keeps me motivated is my hunger for producing awesome tracks and listeners! I love knowing people listen to and enjoy my music. Taking a step backward though, every time I make an awesome song I feel personally accomplished also! So I’m never dis-hearted if no one will ever hear it! If people listen to and enjoy my music, that’s a bonus!



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