Jay Greene Has Been Preparing His Whole Life to Turn Dreams Into Reality

The San Jose based Hip-Hop artist Jay Greene is one of those people who would not stop at anything to turn his lifelong dreams into a reality. Initially learning about hip-hop at a young age from a career that his uncle was building in the industry, Jay decided to pick up from where he left off and did not stop at anything to get what he wants. After joining the military and becoming a decorated combat veteran, Jay Greene has been releasing music with a diverse array of colors to always keep the sounds and music fresh.

This was something that is heard in his latest release “Curious,” fusing together soft melodic ideas over punchy drums and then melding that with an incredibly serious tone, Jay Greene does not fool around for a moment on what he is capable of. Jay’s voice sings like a powerful trumpet, and there is no clear sign of him slowing down.

Listen to "Curious" here.


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