Jayse Vegas Releases Latest Dance and Pop Amalgamation Single, "Meet Me On The Moon"

The New York-bred and pampered intoner who performs as Jayse Vegas is the Empire State's most desirable nightlife performer.

With a streak of GLAM awards garnishing this artist's production notoriety three years in a row, it's not difficult to ascertain that the budding chanteuse is well-known and coveted for his dance music and Pop-hued prowess.

Though he mainly produces for himself, it's not uncommon to see Jayse evoke the best out of his collaborators through his wholesome, creative approach, and this year with the accompaniment of his multiple-time contributor, Robert Garcia, he continues on the trajectory upwards with hands clapping and hips swaying in any room "Meet Me On The Moon," gets played in.

Though the Dance-pop fantasia stands captivating alone in its own right, the two New York independent artists attach a Music Video that takes our whole experience to the next level. It's like being launched into the fleshy egalitarian nightlife of NYC, finding ourselves atop a highrise roof where Jayse Vegas and Robert Gacrias chaperone the Soca rhythm and dance-inducing vibes straight up into the cosmos while they croon and dance the night away.

The song is like a radio-ready rendering of Contemporary Pop with an epicurean taste that comes to light every time the gorgeous familiars' upswell into their intoxicating sopranos. The measure glides over a tropical but night-club reminiscent mid-tempo drive, while our protagonists enamor and show wonder over the magic orb they've found in the video; changing colors as if to express the breathing nature of the vocal spliced hook in the chorus or the atmospheric pressures that these meticulous producers influence over the expanses of their glowing mix.

It's a must-watch on our final summer moments bucket list, and we couldn't be more enamored by the afterglow "Meet Me On The Moon," and its Music Video offer.

Hello Jayse and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. What's your favorite part about working with your frequent collaborator and friend Robert Garcias, and how did you two meet in the first place?

My favorite part about working with Robert Garcia is our chemistry. We flow so well together! It’s so natural, we just see each other and it comes effortlessly. We definitely bring out real greatness from each other. It’s no wonder why we’re best friends now. I think overall it’s because we both know how passionate we are with our dreams. Robert and I met years ago! We’ve known each other for maybe five or six years, but we became really close over the last two years. It’s a funny story about how we officially met though! One night back in like 2015, Robert and I followed each other on Instagram and shared messages of support and admiration for one another. The very next day we ran into each other in a train station. I was getting off the train that they were getting on. It was one of the weirdest things to have ever happened. We laugh about it to this day. Two years ago, I co-produced an event at HOUSE OF YES, and Robert was booked as one of the performers. From that night on Robert was at almost every event I curated. That summer, August 2018, I had asked Robert if they’d be interested in featuring on MEET ME ON THE MOON. It was an immediate yes from them. (Robert was the fourth artist I asked btw, but I can’t imagine this track with anyone else). Since the release of MEET ME ON THE MOON, we’ve built an incredible friendship, and work partnership. Not only did we go on to perform the song at over 100 shows across the tri-state area, but I brought Robert on to my weekly show as my official co-host. Every Wednesday night from Fall 2018 to March 2020, Robert and I hosted a weekly LGBTQIA+ variety show. We even started a monthly showcase event right before COVID.  Where do you see this experience of making the accompanying video for "Meet Me On The Moon," leading you this year on your creative ventures?

Despite all the odds stacked against us - from a low budget to a whole PANDEMIC -, we pulled this project together. Not only did we make this happen with whatever we could, but we did it in just two weeks' notice. We worked our resources and creativity to their maximum capacity. That experience, of not allowing anything to stop us from creating our art is what I hope leads my creative ventures. To always be as dedicated and passionate as we were. It’s already bled into the projects that I’ve dropped after, and the ones I’m working on now.

Where did you shoot for this location, and what was the story behind the mysterious glowing orb?

Because of the pandemic, a lot of locations and studio rentals were off-limits. That didn’t stop us though. We figured we could turn Robert’s house and building into a passable set. We rearranged the living room, made sure the stairwells were clear and brought a large ring light to the roof at night. The mysterious glowing orb is actually a mini LED moon. The storyline is very much open to the viewer's perception - SO, what do YOU think the mysterious glowing orb is about? Haha. 

What can we expect to see from you next? Should we be anticipating another Music Video release for any of your other captivating singes? 

Every weekend in August I’m premiering a brand new music video for old and newer songs.  MEET ME ON THE MOON, kicked it all off! Although the video dropped on July 31st, August 1st was a Saturday. Every Friday following the release, I’ve been uploading new visuals.  Here’s a list of dates, videos, and locations to look out for! August 7th - PEACE BE WITH YOU (YouTube) August 14th - STAY (YouTube) August 21st - SUMMER NIGHTS (IGTV exclusive)  August 28th  - BORN AGAIN (YouTube)

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been the wildest ride. So much has happened. I think the unpredictability of life that has kept me inspired. We don’t know anything about the future, all we know is the past and what’s right in front of us. This has helped me with practicing gratitude and steadied my focus on the things I want. How is not knowing the future inspiring? It pushes me to be more aware of the things I do and to give them more purpose. It's a reminder that’ll never know exactly what tomorrow will bring, but today and every day going forward I’ll move more fearlessly and optimistically. I’m more conscious of the movements I want to make. I’d like to give a huge shoutout to STARR LUST, who played the beautiful mysterious enchantress at the very beginning (and herself at the end). I’d also like to shoutout JXJFILMS! Such an amazing creative with unique visions! Definitely wouldn’t have had this same experience or finished product without them!