JCarter Has Us Caught Up In All The “CHEATIN” In A New Music Video

JCarter discusses infidelity and unfaithfulness in this smooth and flavourful record called "CHEATIN."

Born Joseph E. Carter, JCarter is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. He confides in his music about his personal feelings and the hardships he faces in his relationships.

JCarter expresses his style, theme, and acting in music videos. He shows us that being expressive doesn't mean you don't have to be stylish, and writing about more complex experiences sometimes makes the best records, which is precisely what JCarter does.

JCarter increases the heat as he talks about complex topics formulated from his life story; with striking visuals, he gives us his absolute best in his new record, "CHEATIN."

As we throw ourselves into JCarter's new record, "CHEATIN", we hear the loudest heartbeat greeting us through the speakers as we flow in and out of scenes in the music video. As soon as the instrumental blends in, it makes us feel like we are back in the R&B era, ready to sing with our hands up. JCarter talks about the fabled love they showed each other in lyrics like "I say, I love you, you say, you love me too. So if you love me, love me, love me. Then why don't you trust me, trust me, and why don't I trust you?"

As we continue the journey with JCarter, he tells us how he never started the games and only restarted them; he mentions how his girlfriend and they don't trust each other enough to change their ways. JCarter takes us on scenic and vintage as we travel through the music video, which helps us create a story that we can attest to. He flows over the beat effortlessly and gives us fresh, idyllic sounds with flashing and daring lyrics people are often scared to talk about. As JCarter exits, his vocals blend flawlessly while maintaining his composure to give us the best record like "CHEATIN."

JCarter comes to terms with his relationship in his impeccably put recent single "CHEATIN," available on all digital streaming services.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic JCarter. We adore the smooth and sensual sound of your atmospheric hit, "CHEATIN". What inspired this passionate and honest song?

The inspiration behind "CHEATIN" is real life, I would say.. sometimes as people "In Love," we tend to hold on longer to situations that have run their course. Rather it's because of Comfort, Esteem is low, Kids, Obligation, whatever it is.. love often blinds us to reality.

What was your goal regarding the listener's experience with "CHEATIN"? What do you hope this single does for them?

My goal regarding listeners' experience when listening to "CHEATIN" is for them to relate to it. Sometimes things happen; we're human, and nobodies perfect. It's possible; depending on the situation & circumstance, for the temptation to creep in. So I hope this song is a reminder that it's okay not to force a situation that's over".

How does "CHEATIN" contrast your previous releases? How does this song stand out for you regarding lyrics, sound, concepts, and visuals?

The contrast between "CHEATIN" and my first single, "7th Drink," is the tempo & vibe to me.. "7th Drink" is a little more laid back and moody, while "CHEATIN" is a little more upbeat and catchy. The two songs actually complement each other when listened to together.. from "7th Drink" to "CHEATIN." Lyrics, Sound, and Concept are all parallel and tell the same story; that's the real stand out to me; visuals are totally different, LOL.

Tell us a bit about your personal journey. How has it shaped you into the artist you are today?

Personally, I've been singing with my cousins since a kid. I recorded my first song when I was 21 called "Hey Girl". In 2012 I recorded a Mixtape, and in 2014 I recorded an EP. Now I'm finally working on my Album, which I'm excited about. As far as my journey; I'm still on it, and it's still shaping my artistry. What's next for you?

What's next for me? more Music, more Visuals, more Merch, Live Performances, and hopefully some Acting/Modeling of some sort. We'll see LOL.