Jeffrey Krantz Shares His New Christmas Release: “Home Alone on Christmas Eve

Brought us from the players of Broadway in Nashville, today we are getting ready for the holidays in the best with with Jeffrey Krantz and his song “Home Alone on Christmas Eve”. Naturally, the song opens up with the clip from Home Alone of the screaming “KEVIN!!!” and that was enough to peak our interest! However, the good news it’s that our interest only peaked more and more as we listened to this amazing holiday song. Unlike most songs in this theme, there is a true sense of rawness, with lyrical content speaking to themes of alcohol and drug use, this song feels a little more human and less fantastical. The chorus is very anthemic, creating a vibe that you could imagine you and your friends singing along to in a Broadway Honky Tonk, side by side with a drink in your hands while you get over a love interest.

Another thing about the chorus, it comes quick and several times in the song, really making it easy to catch onto what’s happening. The vocal melodies are absolutely infectious and it’s stuck in your head before the song is even over! By the end, you are curious what else Jeffrey Krantz can offer. Jeffrey has been in bands such as The Effects, who have toured 200+ days a year supporting Kings of Leon, Foreigner and Shinedown. It’s no wonder, this song displays incredible songwriting and true Nashville talent. You won’t be “Home Alone on Christmas Eve” with this song, it will make you feel as if you’re right there with all the company that you need.

Discover Jeffrey Krantz sounding here!