Jennings Couch Talks New Song and More!

Listen to "Where Did U Come From?" here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jennings Couch! What can you tell us about the way you approach your artistry and sound? 

Thanks for having me! In the last year I’ve really honed in my sound. I would say I’m always wearing a commercial hat when I write, but I also make sure to add authenticity to my music. This takes the form of more edgy / distorted sounds while keeping the overall song accessible to all listeners. 

From New York City to rural England and now London! Does your diverse upbringing affect who you are as an artist? How so? 

I would say my move across the Atlantic definitely influenced my songwriting style and sound. I came to England when I was 9 years old, so quickly picked up the British sound and started incorporating it into my own work. However, I think I still retain some American attributes in my songwriting such as the use of anthemic melodies, big vocal productions etc.

Do you believe that the way you intend to communicate your messages through your music is easily received by your listeners? How can you apply this to your new single "Where Did U Come From?”

I believe people can get my message quite easily through my songs. I very much enjoy writing about complex topics in a simple way, making it accessible to all listeners. ‘Where Did U Come From?’ does exactly this and makes a complex issue understandable through relatable music and lyrics. 

The lyrics hit with such an impact in your new track! What inspired the song "Where Did U Come From?”

My new single ‘Where Did U Come From?’ dances around the themes of right and wrong, good and evil. More specifically, the battle between our primal instincts of lust and desire, with our societal views of loyalty in a relationship.  

Thank you for chatting with us! You've released a lot of music this year! Can we expect a longer project in the near future? 

Thanks for having me! I’m very happy releasing a new single every 2 months or so, however there are plans for a small EP release possibly sometime next year. Watch this space!